MSS SP-97 Branch Outlet Fittings

MSS SP-97 Branch Outlet Fittings

What are MSS SP-97 branch outlet fittings?

Referred to as an o’let, these fittings create a form of diversion from the main (larger) pipe to a smaller or equal-sized outlet.

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Different types of MSS SP-97 branch connection fittings used in piping applications

Sweepolet, Weldolet, Threadolet, Nipolet, latrolet, flexolet, elbolet and sockolet are the different types of branched fittings used in various piping applications.

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How to MSS SP-97 socket weld branch outlet on the pipe?

A weldolet that needs to be attached to a pipe will need to be prepared. The inside of the fitting may be used as a template to create a hole. Once the hole is cut, a weldolet is placed over it, with a weld wire or a spacer between them. The spacer helps to keep even space between the MSS SP-97 pipe branch connection and the pipe. Tack welds are added to connect the fitting and the pipe. The spacer between is taken out and the entire circumference is welded to form a stable attachment. If needed, filler welds may be added.

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How to calculate MSS SP-97 branch fittings thickness?

To find out the thickness of this fitting measure the largest diameter (outer), and the inner bore size (inner diameter). The difference between both measurements will be the thickness of an MSS SP-97 branch outlet fittings.

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How does an MSS SP-97 threaded branch outlet work?

An MSS SP-97 threaded branch outlet is basically a weldolet with the difference being the former has an extended body. Like a weldolet, a nipolet forms a branch at 90 degrees. It acts as a reinforcement by ensuring the branched pipe is not stressed.

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How to install MSS SP-97 forged branch outlets?

Like most fittings, some outlet fittings are produced with threads. These threaded outlets can be attached by simply attaching them to their mating threaded counterparts. However, in the case of non-threaded outlets, they need to be welded. Since branched fittings are attached to a pipe, a hole is to be carved. The hole on the pipe and the fitting needs to be aligned, after which they are welded. Pre and post-weld heat treatments may be required to reduce the possibility of corrosion.

MSS SP-97 forged butt weld branch outlet inspection method

After being finished, all MSS SP-97 branch fitting flanged outlet need to be inspected by the seller and buyer to check for possible problem areas. During the inspection, details such as diameter (inner and outer), length, surface finishing, test reports along with proof tests.

Olets®, Weldolet®, Sockolet®, Latrolet®, Thredolet®, Nipolet®, Elbolet®, Sweepolet® are trademarks registered® name by Bonney Forge fittings. These Olets® meet MSS-SP-97 standard.