Nickel 200 fasteners

Nickel 200 Fasteners

What are nickel 200 fasteners?

The NI 200 fasteners is a solid strengthened pure wrought material. The Nickel 200 Fasteners have nickel as their primary element that can be used to connect two equipment efficiently. These fasteners are classified in the form of bolts, studs, nuts, screws, washers, rods, etc. The 200 Nickel Lock Nuts can be easily installed and later dismantled. These nuts can handle media in different pressure and temperature conditions. GOST Нп-2 Hex Nuts have outstanding corrosion resistance and work well in oxidative environments. These nuts have good mechanical properties and tolerances. The EN NI 99.2 Washers allow for even weight distribution in the system. These washers are used in conjunction with a nut.

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Nickel 200 Fasteners Specifications

Nickel 200 Fasteners Properties

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Ni 200 hex bolt suppliers in UAE, view nickel alloy 200 bolts and nuts temperature rating

What temperature does a nickel 200 hex bolt melt?

A nickel 200 hex bolt is designed with a hexagonal cross sectional area. The Nickel 200 Hex Bolts has a melting point between 1435 to 1446 degrees C.

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What does unf stand for in threading of nickel alloy 200 bolts and nuts?

UNF in threading stands for Unified National Fine Thread. The UNF Nickel Alloy 200 Bolts and Nuts are utilized in automotive, aerospace, chemical industries, general applications, etc.

Get complete information about AFNOR N-100M studs and Nickel 200 washers manufacturing process, specification chart online

Which process makes a UNS N02200 threaded rod stronger?

The UNS N02200 threaded rod is heat treated to increase its strength and performance. UNS N02200 Threaded Rod can be annealed in a wide range of recrystallization temperatures between 1300 to 1600 degrees F. The BS NA 11 Fasteners can also be cold worked to increase its elasticity and strength.

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How do you calculate the pitch of an alloy 200 stud bolt?

The pitch of the stud bolt is the distance between two threads. The Alloy 200 Stud Bolt is given in units of threads per unit design. To find the pitch simply divide its distance by the number of threads. AFNOR N-100M Studs can also be measured using a caliper. Here the caliper is used to measure from the peak of one end to the other. The NI 200 U Bolts can also be calculated using a thread pitch calculator.

200 nickel lock nuts in M5 to M30 metric sizes, check NI 200 u/ anchor bolts price in Dubai

How much does it cost to replace NW 2200 heavy hex bolt?

An NW 2200 heavy hex bolt is based on its size, thickness, and other specifications. Replacing an NW 2200 Heavy Hex Bolt costs $6.65 per piece.