Nickel 200 plate

nickel 200 plate

What is nickel 200 plate ?

Nickel 200 plate is a commercially pure wrought alloy grade. The Nickel 200 Plate has nickel as its primary alloy. Iron, manganese, silicon, copper, carbon, and sulfur act as it other strengthening alloys. The Pure Nickel 200 Plate has excellent resistance to corrosive and oxidative affluents. These plates are used in service temperatures up to 315 degrees C. The robust Nickel Alloy 200 Clad Plate is embrittlement by intergranular precipitation between 600 to 1400 degrees F.

These plates have high electrical conductivity and good thermal properties. A Nickel 200 Strip is ferromagnetic and can be easily welded and processed with standard shop fabrication practices. The nickel 200 plate suppliers supply these plates in different sizes and shapes as per customer requirements. The versatile ASME SB162 NW 2200 Foil can be customized with different specifications.

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Nickel 200 Plate Specification

Nickel 200 Plate Properties

Nickel 200 Plate Thickness and weight chart

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Nickel 200 vs nickel 201

Nickel 200 and 201 are grades of the commercially pure nickel grade. The Nickel 200 grade is designed with a higher carbon content as compared to the Nickel 201 grade. The nickel 200 sheet is designed to work in temperatures below 600 degrees F. The Nickel 201 sheets are used to work in higher temperatures above 600 degrees F. The UNS N02200 Sheet has higher tensile and yield strength over the Nickel 201 grade.


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Is nickel 200 sheet bendable ?

The Nickel 200 alloy can be easily bent to different specifications. WERKSTOFF NR. 2.4066 Coil is usually bent following air bending, bottom bending, and coining process.


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Which welding process use to weld pure alloy 200 plate ?

The pure nickel 200 plates can be welded following standard welding procedures. This includes TIG, GTAW, MIG, GMAW, MMA, SMAW, and SAW methods. The TIG welding method is best suited to weld the ASTM B162 Alloy 200 Chequered Plate if it is precipitation hardened.


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Cutting tips to cut nickel 200 strip

For cutting a nickel 200 sheet nickel 200 suppliers follow these tips to get the best output.

  • Keep the metal cutting tools coated and sharp.
  • Try to stay rigid during the Ni-200 Shim Sheet cutting process.
  • Be aggressive with feed speed to aid tool life.
  • Take the right toolpath for producing the Ni 200 Perforated Sheet.
  • Find sweet spots for machining the alloys.


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How threading of UNS N02200 plate is done ?

The threads of Alloy 200 coil can be done usually using a thread rolling machine. These plates can be cut with a lathe, tap, or die. The rolled threads produced by nickel 200 sheet suppliers are stronger than the cut strength, which increases their tensile properties.