Nickel 200 tube fittings

Nickel 200 tube fittings

What are nickel 200 tube fittings?

The tube fittings made of nickel 200 alloy are manufactured from a high grade and commercially pure, about 99.6%, wrought nickel. The nickel 200 tube fittings have low carbon content which enhances its mechanical properties. The nickel alloy 200 compression fittings are known for their excellent resistance to corrosion and they have great thermal and electrical conductivities. The ASTM B160 N02200 male connectors are used in a wide range of industries like gas processing, chemical equipment, heat exchangers, etc. The alloy 200 instrumentation fittings show good resistance to caustic alkalis of different concentration and at various temperatures. The UNS N02200 hydraulic fittings can be used in any environment where the temperature is below 600 degrees F. They can highly resist corrosion by alkaline and neutral salt solutions. The nickel UNS N02200 pneumatic fitting show good resistivity in both oxidizing and reducing environments. They can also withstand stress corrosion cracking caused by chloride ions.

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What is alloy 200 pipe coupling or coupler?

The alloy 200 pipe coupling or coupler is a very short length of tube or pipe. They are alloy 200 nickel instrumentation tube fittings which come with threads on one or both the ends, so that two pipes or tubes can be joined with it to form a connection. These fittings help to maintain the continuity and they can join pipes of the same or different sizes. They are available in different shapes and their dimensions can be customized according to the application requirements.

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Difference between One Piece and Two Piece nickel alloy 200 Ferrule Fittings

The DIN 2.4066 single ferrule fittings come with one ferrule for creating a seal and for gripping the tube. Whereas, the double ASTM B160 UNS N02200 ferrule fitting come with two ferrules and thus, they split these functions between the ferrules.

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What are Ni 200 double ferrule fittings?

The Ni 200 double ferrule fittings are one of the most common instrumentation style fittings. They help to create a tight seal and grip the tube strongly, which is why they are often used in process equipment. They are found in industries like defense, chemical processing plants, oil and gas, and several other industries.

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Advantages of Ni200 flare fittings

The Ni200 flare fittings offer a high degree and long term reliability. Thus, they are often used in critical applications and inaccessible locations. These are a good option of fittings to be used in heavy machinery, construction equipment, etc.

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Application of nickel 2.4066 high pressure compression fittings

The nickel 2.4066 high pressure compression fittings can be used in a wide range of environments which includes caustic alkalis, food handling, etc. They are also an eminent part of the structural applications where resistance to corrosion is a requirement. These are also perfect for various high pressure applications.