Nickel 201 tube fittings

Nickel 201 tube fittings

What are nickel 201 tube fittings?

The nickel 201 material is a commercially pure wrought nickel which has the maximum carbon content of 0.02%. The nickel 201 tube fittings possess ductile mechanical properties across a wide range of temperatures. It shows good resistance to corrosion in both neutral and moderately reducing environments. The alloy 201 male connector is ferromagnetic in nature and it has great electrical and thermal conductivities. The ASTM B160 N02201 instrumentation fitting might be recommended for services where high carbon content is not desirable. The low carbon content in the nickel 2.4068 NPT tube fitting helps to prevent embrittlement caused by intergranular corrosion at high temperature conditions. The ASME SB 160 UNS N02201 compression tube fitting help to create plumbing systems by joining tubes, pipes, and other piping components like valves. The SB 160 N02201 instrumentation tube fittings are used for critical operations and they offer good resistance to overall corrosion.

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What are ASTM B160 N02201 adapter fittings?

The ASTM B160 N02201 adapter fittings are an extremely important type of pipe fitting that helps to extend or terminate the pipe run. They are primarily used for connecting different types of pipes. They help to prevent leakages in various industrial applications. They are used with pipes that come in odd sizes on both ends.

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Imperial vs Metric nickel alloy 201 compression fittings

Metric and imperial are both measurements for the nickel alloy 201 compression fittings. Whenever the fittings are made, they would go over the pipe, thus the inner diameter of the fitting and outer diameter of the pipe should be compatible. The fittings measured in metric unit would go with pipe diameter measured in metric unit (mm), and similarly, the imperial fittings would go with the imperial pipes (in inches). They are both different systems not interchangeable, however they can be connected with the help of adapters.

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Difference between DIN 2.4068 hydraulic and flare fittings

The Ni 201 flare fittings can be described as a type of compression fitting that are generally used with metal tubing solutions. They are a good option to be used with heavy machinery and construction equipment. They are generally found in high temperature and high pressure applications.

The DIN 2.4068 hydraulic fittings are used for connecting hydraulic hose to different components like hydraulic cylinders, tubes, etc. The fittings help to change the direct and rate of flow, or it can also help to divert or mix the liquids.

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What are Nickel UNS N02201 double ferrule fittings?

The Nickel UNS N02201 double ferrule fittings are a type of instrumentation type of fitting which are regularly used in process measurement applications. These SB 160 N02201 instrumentation tube fitting have a wide range of applications in industries like aerospace, oil and gas, chemical processing, etc.

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Advantages of alloy 201 nickel pneumatic fittings

There are several benefits of the alloy 201 nickel pneumatic fittings, like:

  • They are available easily and safe to use.
  • They are low in maintenance and can be cleaned easily.
  • They have high strength and less weight.