Nickel alloy forged fittings

Nickel alloy forged fittings

What is nickel alloy forged fittings?

The inventory of Nickel Forged Fittings is unmatched and regarded as one of the largest in the world.

International grassroots initiatives include turnarounds or outages, planned retrofits or urgent circumstances. To connect equipment for optimal efficiency and flow, Nickel Alloy Forged fittings are employed. Nickel alloys, including Inconel or Incoloy, are the most popular material used to make these fittings.

High strength, minimal corrosion, malleability, and ductility characterize nickel.

Alloys like Monel (which mainly contains copper and nickel) improve conductivity, low-corrosiveness, and other vital qualities.

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Nickel alloy forged fittings specification

Nickel alloy forged fittings material

Which welding technique should be used to weld nickel 200 socket weld fittings

You may use hot and cold working techniques when shaping an alloy 200 socket weld plug. Heavy forming should be done at temperatures over 1600° F, while hot working temperatures should be between 1200° F and 2250° F.

The ideal temperature range for annealing is between 1300° F and 1600° F. The annealing temperature and duration should be carefully chosen since they significantly impact the material’s structure and mechanical characteristics.

Except for the oxyacetylene procedure, nickel 200/201 may be easily welded using traditional welding, brazing, and soldering techniques.

Always request the necessary test reports for WNR 2.4066 socket weld fittings and nickel alloy 200 threaded plug/ nipple in the purchase order.

When to use 200 nickel threaded fittings?

Commercially available nickel pipe fittings are unalloyed and resistant to alkalis like hydroxide.

They are employed in producing valves, heat exchangers, nuclear power initiatives, petrochemical facilities, oil and gas machinery, and hydrocarbon processing.

According to claims, 200 threaded nickel fittings are permanent leakproof, don’t rust, and take up the least space.

They provide resistance to the oxidizing and reduction of the environment. In chloride-containing settings, they are resistant to stress corrosion and crevice corrosion.

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How to heat treat Alloy 2.4360 sw elbow?

Heat treatment is a labour-intensive and expensive process. A welded joint’s toughness and strength may be impacted.

Its resistance to 200 Nickel Alloy threaded bushing and the degree of residual stress is also a required procedure stipulated in many application codes and standards. Additionally, it is a crucial element in the criteria for welding method certification.

Before examining the variety of heat treatments a metal may undergo, it is essential to understand what each word used to describe the array of heat treatments performed to a welded joint means.

Custom machining and sizes are available for nickel 2.4066 forged cap/ tee and JIS NW 2200 threaded 90 degree elbow in the Middle East and South Korea.

What is solution treatment and aging in ni 200 threaded union?

By causing precipitates of the alloying substance to form inside the metal framework, ageing is a technique used to improve strength.

An alloy is heated to an appropriate temperature, maintained there long enough to allow one or more components to dissolve into a solid solution, and then quickly cooled to maintain the constituents in the solution.

The regulated release of these components either naturally (at room temperature) or artificially is made possible by subsequent precipitation and heat treatments for Nickel alloy 200 threaded plug (at higher temperatures).


Can use an appropriate solution and age treatment sequence to optimize the mechanical characteristics of heat-treated alloy components. For some alloys, for instance, corrosion resistance can be increased at the price of strength, and vice versa.

Alloy 2.4066 socket weld union and 200 nickel alloy threaded bushing is used for non-critical applications such as Petroleum, Oil and gas

Features of alloy 200 socket weld plug

Threaded fittings made of nickel 200 socket welding are ferromagnetic and have low electrical resistance.

Weld fittings may be employed in a wide range of applications because of the combination of different qualities. Pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, heat exchangers, and gas processing are some businesses that use these applications.

These Nickel 2.4066 forged caps come in various specialities, including length, size, wall thickness, standards, and surface treatments.

Main characteristics

  • The weld fittings have several qualities that make them the most valued product across many sectors. These traits include:
  • Electrical conductivity, high corrosion resistance, and temperature resistance
  • Excellent thermal, electrical, and magnetic properties

Recommended grades