Nickel alloy tube fittings

Nickel alloy tube fittings

What are nickel alloy tube fittings?

The nickel alloy material is equipped with magnetic properties along with low vapor pressure. The nickel alloy tube fittings have good thermal conductivity too. It possesses magnetostrictive properties and low gas content. The high nickel alloy male connectors are available in different sizes and they can be customized according to the requirements specified by the client. Renowned manufacturers use high quality raw materials for manufacturing nickel based alloy instrumentation fittings and they are sold at competitive prices. The nickel alloy ferrule fitting can be used as the primary sealing component that is a part of the compression fitting assembly. The Ni alloy flare fitting come with a tapered end which fits properly to the flared tubing and then is secured in place with a sleeve and nut. This helps to produce a pressure and leak resistant seal. The pure nickel alloy pneumatic fitting are essential components that help to connect different sections of pipe, hose, tube, etc., in a pressurized gas or pneumatic system.

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What is special about nickel compression fittings?

The nickel compression fittings are quite popular due to their properties. They are very versatile and high in toughness. They show increased resistance to corrosion and oxidation. The nickel alloy compression tube fittings show improved strength at both high and low temperatures. They are full of magnetic and electromagnetic properties.

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How to choose the correct high nickel alloy compression fittings?

In order to choose the right Ni high pressure compression fittings, it is essential that they match with the component where they will be fixed. It means that not only their threads and sizes should match, but also the material with which they are made should be compatible.

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What will happen if over-tightening nickel alloy compression tube fittings?

If the high nickel alloy instrumentation tube fittings are over-tightened then they become prone to leakages and that can cause damage to the property and life.

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Application of pure nickel hydraulic fittings

The high nickel hydraulic fittings are mostly used in various high performing applications. They are used in applications that require high strength but are quite expensive. They can also be used in places where corrosion resistance properties are necessary. They are an eminent part of the hydraulic systems in industries like chemical plants, food and beverage, aerospace, etc.

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Advantages of pure nickel double ferrule fittings

The pure nickel double ferrule fittings do not require any special tool for installation, unlike the super nickel alloy single ferrule fitting. They show good resistance to corrosion and are recyclable. Their specialized design with front and back ferrules results in a better sealing performance and the tube grip is also better than what is offered by single ferrule.

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