Nickel cobalt plated fasteners

Nickel Cobalt Plated Fasteners

What are nickel cobalt plated fasteners?

The nickel cobalt plated fasteners are superalloy specifications. These Nickel Cobalt Plated Fasteners are employed to create a connection with different equipment. They help create a permanent and temporary connection type. The Nickel-cobalt Plated Stud Bolts enhance the galling resistance and act as the sacrificial layer on the fasteners. These bolts are used with nuts and ASTM B994 Class 4 Washers to create a strong connection. Both these fasteners enable even weight distribution and create versatile clamping force. The ASTM B994 Class 3 Studs have a lower coefficient of friction that requires a dry lubricant on the fasteners. These studs vary in 5 to 30 um. ASTM B994 Class 2 Threaded Rod help reduce the friction between the coated surfaces. These rods are available in variable sizes and can be customized as per requirements.

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Nickel Cobalt Plated Fasteners specifications

Nickel Cobalt Plated Fasteners Specifications

ASTM B994 bolts and screws suppliers in UAE

What are cobalt bolts?

Cobalt bolts are designed with primary alloys of tungsten, chromium with small traces of carbon. The Cobalt Bolts are mechanical fasteners that require a matching pre formed thread to a female thread. These bolts require a nut or washer to hold them efficiently.

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What are cobalt screws?

A cobalt screw is a slender point pin with a raised helical thread running around its slotted head. These Cobalt Screws can be rotated to pieces of wood and other material to hold them in place. They can be tightened using a screwdriver or a wrench to hold them in place.

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How are ASTM B994 hex bolt measured?

The ASTM B994 hex bolt’s diameter is measured by calculating its outer thread from one side to the other. ASTM B994 Hex Bolt length is the distance from the hex part of the head to the blunt end of the bolt.

Nickel-cobalt plated stud bolts for jet engines and marine industries

Applications ofASTM B994 SC18 class 1 heavy hex bolts

The ASTM B994 SC18 class 1 heavy hex bolt has a fastener having higher thickness and tolerances. These ASTM B994 SC18 Class 1 Heavy Hex Bolts are used in weaponry, gas turbines, jet engines, and chemical processing. They are also a feature in petroleum refining, the marine sector, machinery systems, etc.

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Advantages & disadvantages of ASTM B994 class 1 nuts

The ASTM B994 class 1 nuts are used to create a high strength connection. These ASTM B994 Class 1 Nuts allow for a higher clamping load and prevent axial movement. They are well-versed to handle corrosive media and high temperatures in harsh environments. However, the nuts have higher costs and can fracture when exposed to higher loads and corrosive conditions for prolonged periods.

What is SC18?

The SC18 covers corrosion resistant coating of electrodeposited nickel cobalt metallic substrates for electroforming. They coat the material against corrosion resistant coat that gives them an edge in harsh environments.