Nickel disc

Nickel disc

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One of the most time-consuming aspects of procurement is selecting the right vendor for your raw materials and finished items. Many online vendors of a nickel disc may be fraudulent and unverified. The goal of is to connect buyers to authentic and trustworthy suppliers who stock the required material or product. We value quality over quantity and list only the top ten names for your search criteria.

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Which packaging is more economical and safe for Ni alloy round blanks?

Nickel, a striking silvery metal, finds application in numerous sectors, from chemical processing to aerospace. The standard packaging for these products involves boxes or crates of wood and plastic. The latter is cheaper and also offers safety from contamination.

  • Application-wise: Steel drums with around four per pallet get used for nickel alloy round blanks. Bulk shipments over 40,000 lbs can use haulers or a special delivery decided upon during negotiation.
  • Condition-wise: Polished or customised items may need protection with a plastic strip and a separator. Lamination could get employed for further protection during transit. Other options focusing on a damage-free condition are wooden cases with fumigation, wooden crates, bubble wraps, and customised options to avoid damage.

Choose a brushed nickel disc and round circle in a wide range of styles and sizes.

What are a brushed nickel disc and a round circle? Standard thickness and sizes

Brushed nickel has a smooth, handcrafted look created by plating over another metal core (usually zinc or copper). A brushed nickel disc has an interesting texture and a warm appearance, allowing more interaction between light and darkness.

These components can get made in flexible sizes per the application needs. Even so, the typical dimensions of a nickel circle are 1/2″ to 24″. The length can reach 36 metres. The common metrics are 1″ to 8″ and 2mm to 1/2″ in diameter.

A nickel round circle also operates in applications like semiconductors and optics and displays based on vapour deposition.

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Nickel circle and Ni blank round disc application and uses

Versatile applications from petrochemicals to marine sectors employ these items for high-temperature environments and inclement weather. A Ni blank round disc uses carbonyl refining to obtain a pure nickel form that displays top-notch quality. Nickel is used for producing stainless steel, but it serves countless other purposes:

  • Marine applications, like flanges and fittings exposed to seawater
  • Chemical processing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Heat exchangers
  • Anti-vibration devices
  • Surgical and medical instruments
  • Alloying with other elements (chromium and molybdenum) to make superalloys
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Properties and specifications of a nickel alloy circle ring and disc blanks

This material showcases several superior metallurgical and mechanical properties like low electrical resistivity and high tensile strength. A nickel alloy circle ring typically works in food processing, marine sectors, and oil refineries. Its resistance to pitting, creep, and oxidation makes it useful in petrochemicals.

The standard specification for these products is ASTM B564. It covers nickel alloys like Grade 200 and 201. This standard mandates thorough testing of the grain size and properties like elongation. The pure nickel disc blanks also undergo nondestructive tests like ultrasonic to confirm the chemical composition and detect any discontinuities.

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Price comparison of Ni alloy rings and nickel sheet blanks between India and Korea

Global manufacturers and suppliers have sprung up for nickel products to meet the growing demand for this glorious material. India and Korea have cemented a reputation as exporters of reliable Ni alloy rings, complying with international standards.

The approximate price in India is Rs 50 apiece for 1-5 mm thicknesses. Plates can cost US $500 to 800 per metric ton. The comparable prices for nickel sheet blanks in Korea tend to be higher. However, lately, nickel prices in Korea have been reducing. They are down to around US $22,000 per ton. The origin you select should depend not only on the costs but also logistics, delivery timeline, and overall reliability of the vendor.