Nimonic 80A round bar

Nimonic 80A Round Bar

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A nickel-chromium alloy has titanium, and aluminium added, making precipitation hardenable. Nimonic 80A Rods boast outstanding oxidation and corrosion resistance and high tensile characteristics at extremely high temperatures. For a variety of uses in internal combustion engines, such as rings, discs, blades, bolts, and exhaust valves, nickel alloy is Nimonic 80A Rod employed. These have a higher carbon version and have good ductility and high strength.

Nimonic Alloy 80A Flat Bars characteristics:

  • outstanding durability
  • highly ductile
  • outstanding tensile strength.

Nimonic 80a round bar sizes, specification, chemical composition and mechanical properties

Nimonic 80a Round Bar Specification

Nimonic 80a Round Bar Weight Chart

Nimonic 80a Round Bar Properties

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At temperatures up to 815 degrees C (1500 degrees F), alloy 80A possesses high tensile and creep-rupture capabilities and good corrosion and oxidation resistance. Versions with vacuum refinement are also available. These are known for their high strength and flexibility.

Bolts, tube supports in nuclear reactors, exhaust valves in internal combustion engines, and numerous other offshore/marine, automotive, and electrical applications utilize alloy ASTM B637 Nimonic 80A Bright Bar. Nimonic boast good oxidation and corrosion resistance and high tensile characteristics.

Nimonic 80 a hex bar suitable for temperatures up to 815° C (1500°F)

What is alloy 80A hex bar heat treatment?

Regarding general corrosion resistance, Nimonic UNS N07080 Round Bars perform better, particularly in pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride forms. Nimonic 80A Square Bars are utilized in various appliances, including food preparation equipment and equipment for chemical processing. They are typically found in chloride form.

Other applications for Alloy 80A Hex Bar include equipment and benches for laboratories and machinery for manufacturing polymers, rubber, paper, and pulp. In specific ways, Nimonic 80A Hollow Bars are a higher carbon version and are usually discovered in wire and strip shapes.

Hot rolled nimonic UNS N07080 round bars are suitable for forging product

What is nimonic UNS N07080 round bars used for?

These circular bars are typically employed as a central pipe connector. They are also used in pressure valves as a plug-in to resist pressure. Large-scale industries are very fond of Nimonic 80a Round Bars. These spherical bars are renowned for being strong and leak-proof.

Along with various marine and electrical uses, it is also used to support nuclear generating tubes. Other industries that use Alloy 80A Square Bars include general machines, aerospace, thermocouple, and many more. The plumbing, chemical, and construction industries also extensively employ UNS N07080 bars.

Check the available weight chart of alloy 80A square bars

Alloy DIN 2.4631 rounds tolerance

Alloy DIN 2.4631 Rounds is a nickel-chromium alloy that may be worked and age-hardened. W. Nr. 2.4952 Bar is similar to alloy 75 but has titanium and aluminium additives to make precipitation harden.

  • Heat Treatment: The solution anneals for 8 hours at 1975 F, and the air cools. After 16 hours at 1300 F, allow the precipitation to harden and the air to cool.
  • Forging can be done between 2150- and 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Hot Working, Hot working is possible between 2150- and 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid working in a heated environment between 1000 and 1800 F.

Standard tooling can be used for cold working and forming, though plain carbon tool steels are not advised because they tend to gall. Soft die materials (bronze, zinc alloys, etc.) reduce galling and yield high-quality finishes, but their lifespan is relatively brief.