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Nipo Flange

What is a Nipo Flange?

A pipe connector which is typically used for 90 degree branch pipeline connections is known as a Nipo Flange. This is a forged steel connector which is manufactured by welding a nipolet to a branch flange. The Nipo Flange Standard specification is ASME B16, and they are available in different sizes and material grades. Nipo Flanges Uses are mostly in oil and gas industries. Clients can also get non-reinforced and Reinforced Nipoflange.

Nipo Flange dimensions, weight chart, standard, material, and specification

Nipo Flange Specification
Nipo Flange Material

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Can you make Nipo Flange larger than 14″?

Yes, manufacturers can customize Nipo Flange Size above 14”.

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Can I order these Stainless Steel Nipo flanges in a custom thickness?

Yes, the thickness of the Stainless Steel Nipo Flange can be customized according to the requirements given by the client.

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What are the application of SS Nipo flange?

The Asme B16.47 Nipo Flange meets the requirements of a wide range of industries, like heavy engineering, automobile, pipeline engineering, and railways.

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How to check MTC and ultrasonic test report of the Astm A105 Nipo Flange?

The MTC and ultrasonic test report of the Astm A105 Nipo Flange contains the following information:

  • The type of certificate and standard
  • The name of the manufacturer
  • Name of the product and its dimensions
  • The total quantity covered by the certificate
  • The final batch and heat number
  • Final test result
  • To check if the dimensional measurement is compliant with the allowed tolerance
  • The material grade and specification
  • The result of the ultrasonic test
  • Any other information useful to depict the full feature of the product