Nitronic 50 plate

nitronic 50 plate

What is nitronic 50 plate ?

Nitronic 50 is an austenitic premium stainless steel grade. The Nitronic 50 Plate is designed with a superior chemical composition of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum. This gives the Nitronic Alloy Plate superior resistance to corrosive and oxidative reducers. These plates have superior strength and low magnetic permeability.

The Nitronic 50 plate suppliers process the plates in either hot or cold rolling processes. These suppliers help improve the hardness of the plates. AMS 5861 Hot rolled Plate is processed at elevated temperatures, giving them good ductility. This allows the plate to be easily worked with. The NAS XM-19 Cold rolled Plate is processed at room temperature. This allows them to characterize the characteristics of the plate in the system.

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Nitronic 50 Plate Specification

Nitronic 50 Plate Properties

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Nitronic 50 vs nitronic 60

The Nitronic 50 and Nitronic 60 are the common nitronic grades that are known for their different specifications. The Nitronic 50 grade is stronger and has more corrosion resistance than the Nitronic 60 grade. The Werkstoff Nr. 1.3964 checker plate is a high caliber austenitic stainless steel. The Nitronic 60 grade has a higher content of manganese and silicon, which makes it resistant to galling and wear. The Nitronic 60 has slightly more mechanical properties as compared to the Nitronic 50 grade.


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What is nitronic 50 machinable ?

The Nitronic 50 sheet has the same machinability characteristics as other austenitic stainless steel grades. The Nitronic 50 Sheet requires slow speeds and power and have a high work hardening rate.


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Nitronic 50 vs 316 ss

Nitronic 50 is a stainless steel grade like the SS 316 grade. Both these grades can be differentiated on key features. The NITRONIC® 50 Clad Plate has slightly better chromium, nickel, and molybdenum content as compared to the SS 316 grade. The Nitronic Alloy 50 Coil has superior mechanical characteristics than the latter. The SS 316 grade has a surface filmed with iron oxides, while N-50 steel has a nickel-iron spinel surface finish. The ASTM A240 UNS S20910 Strips have superior strength as compared to the SS 316 grade.


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What are material properties of nitronic 50 ?

The N-50 steel Sheets are designed with an excellent chemical composition. These sheets have a density of 7.88 g/cm3 and have a melting point between 1415 to 1450 degrees C. The DIN 1.3964 Flat Sheet has a modulus of rigidity of 78.9 kN/mm2, with a modulus of elasticity of 196.5 kN/mm2.

The robust Nitronic Alloy 50 perforated sheet has excellent mechanical properties. These sheets have a minimum tensile strength of 690mpa with a minimum yield strength of 380mpa. A Nitronic XM 19 Rolling Plate can be elongated by 35% and have a hardness of 293 max.


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What is nitronic 50 sheet boiling point ?

The Nitronic 50 sheet has a boiling point of -196 degrees C.