Nitronic 50 round bar

Nitronic 50 Round Bar

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Nitronic 50 round bar specification, chemical composition and mechanical properties

Nitronic 50 round bar specification

Nitronic 50 round bar properites

Nitronic 50 bar and XM 19 stainless steel rod suppliers in UAE

ASME SA479 S20910 vs A276 Xm19 rods

ASME SA479 is a widely accepted standard for stainless steel bars for boilers and pressure vessels. S20910 refers to Nitronic 50 under the Unified Numbering System (UNS). An Xm 19 nitronic 50 flat bar gets coveted for its excellent yield strength, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance. The material can adapt to high and subzero temperatures.

In contrast, the ASTM A276 specification refers to hot- or cold-finished stainless steel bars. A276 Xm19 is also Nitronic 50. You can find these rods in different shapes like a nitronic alloy 50 hex bar, rectangular, square, etc.

Both these specifications use the same high-strength austenitic stainless steel. The former caters more specifically to high-pressure environments.

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What are the Nitronic 50 rods and flat bar chemical composition? What is the approx price per kg in India and China?

Nitronic 50 bars use an austenitic stainless steel alloy for improved performance. The name emanates from the high nitrogen content, which enhances its strength. An ASME SA479 S20910 rod comprises iron, chromium (20-23%), nickel (11-13%), molybdenum (1.5-3%), and manganese (4-6%). It also has small amounts of carbon, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, niobium, and vanadium.

Nitronic 50 displays high hardness (241BHN) and good tensile strength (95ksi). Its superior properties make it expensive. The prices vary by size and shape, for instance, a flat bar or an ASTM A479 xm19 rectangular bar. Typically, Nitronic bars are available in India for around Rs. 800-1200 per kilogram for 10-250mm. The prices in China range from USD 20-40 per kilogram.

A276 XM19 forged bar and nitronic 50 material with PMI/ Material Test Certificate

How to verify the quality of the A276 XM 19 material? What is MTC?

A276 XM 19 material is another name for Nitronic 50 bars. Exposure to low temperatures doesn’t make an ASTM A276 nitronic 50 polished bar magnetic (unlike other austenitic steels). This weldable and machinable alloy performs well in chloride- and sulfide-containing environments. PMI, or Positive Material Identification, testing is a standard non-destructive approach for quality verification. Other techniques include ultrasonic and mechanical tests.

Customers should seek the MTC or Mill Test Certificate for the ordered products. It confirms that the nitronic round bar exhibits the desired chemical and metallurgical properties. We assist buyers in finding the required products with MTC at competitive prices.

UNS S20910 cold drawn round bar and ASTM A276 nitronic 50 polished bar stock available as per specific drawing

What is the UNS S20910 rounds ASTM standard? Know more about standard sizes and lengths.

UNS S20910 refers to the unified numbering system for Nitronic 50 bars. This material gets covered by many ASTM specifications. For example, A479 Xm19 rounds cover stainless steel bars for boilers and pressure vessels. But ASTM A276 refers to stainless steel bars and shapes.

Customers must specify the outside diameter and the thickness per their requirements. Clients can order a UNS S20910 square bar in different sizes. Standard sizing ranges from 4mm to 500mm. Customers must specify the outside diameter and thickness. These products are available in diameters up to 170mm and 171-258mm. You can also select the desired finish, like a nitronic 1.3964 bright bar, black, matte, etc.

50 nitronic hex bar and nitronic 1.3964 bright bar are made in a various of sizes for application in different industries

Top 6 applications of 1.3964 Bar and rods

Nitronic bars are also referred to by their Werkstoff number, 1.3964. Under this designation created by DIN, the German standards body, Werkstoff loosely implies material.

The six prime applications of these bars are:

  1. Marine sectors: A S20910 stainless steel Threaded bar works in pressure vessels, valves, marine shafts, rigging, etc.
  2. Sour-service industries and chemical processing
  3. Petrochemicals: Nitronic bars get used in offshore structures like pipelines, production platforms, and turbines.
  4. Shipbuilding and covers/hulls for submarines
  5. Manufacturing watches for diving
  6. Food processing

Other utilities of an S20910 nitronic 50 round bar include pulp and paper, textiles, fertilizers, and nuclear industries.