Nitronic 60 Plate

nitronic 60 plate

What is nitronic 60 plate ?

Nitronic 60 is an austenitic, nitrogen-strengthened grade. A Nitronic 60 Plate has a superior chemical composition of chromium, nickel, molybdenum and other constituting alloys. The wound Nitronic Alloy 60 Coil has excellent resistance to corrosive and oxidative environments. The coils function at temperatures around 1800 degrees F and are best known for their resistance to wear and galling. The nitronic 60 plate suppliers supply high-quality plates of different sizes and shapes that can be easily customized.

The Nitronic 60 sheet doesn’t have the same strength as the plates. These sheets are lightweight and add an aesthetical outlook to different materials. The nitronic 60 stainless steel sheet has an ultimate tensile strength of 95ksi with a minimum yield strength of 55ksi. These sheets can be elongated by 55% in the system. The Nitronic Alloy 60 perforated sheet has a hardness between 22 to 35HRC max.

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Nitronic 60 Plate Specification

Nitronic 60 Plate Properties

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Is nitronic 60 plate is weldable ?

A Nitronic 60 plate can be welded following all welding techniques. The Alloy 60® checker plate has to be looked at from the point of the application. This includes strength, galling, and corrosion resistance. The 309 and 310 fillers are mostly used to induce strong welds on the ASTM A240 UNS S21800 Strips.


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How hard is nitronic 60 stainless steel sheet ?

The Nitronic 60 sheet grade is designed with a hardness ranging between 22 to 35 HRC max.


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Where is nitronic 60 plate suitable ?

The Alloy 218 steel plate is an austenitic grade that is used in different applications. The plates are well-suited for valve stems, fastening equipment, and pins bushings as they have excellent wear resistance. The AMS 5848 Cold rolled Plate is suited for roller bearings, pump shafts, and rings. These plates are also suited for chemical process industries, aerospace applications, bridge pins, etc.


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Is nitronic 60 sheet is magnetic ?

A stainless steel Nitronic 60 steel Sheet is characterized by lower magnetic properties. Even when the plates are cold worked or cooled at sub-zero temperatures, the N-60 Rolling Sheets remain non-magnetic.


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How to drill nitronic 60 plate ?

The UNS S21800 rolling plate can be machined and drilled will drills with ¼ diameter hole. This plate has a rev speed of 175SFM. A Nitronic® 60 Clad Plate can be drilled also with diameter holes of ½ and ¾ with 0.007 and 0.010 rev feed.