Nitronic 60 screws

Nitronic 60 Screws

What are Nitronic 60 Screws?

Nitronic 60 screw is an austenitic all purpose fastener. The Nitronic 60 Screws have a sharp pointed edge having a raised helical thread with a slotted head. These screws facilitate easy connection with different equipment. Nitronic 60 Cap Screw are nitrogen strengthened fasteners having superior corrosion resistance properties. These screw can be affixed using a wrench or screwdriver. The Nitronic 60 Wood Screw work well in sub-zero and elevated temperature conditions. These screws have outstanding mechanical properties and tolerances. The robust Nitronic 60 (S21800) Drywall Screw can be annealed, forged, or hardened to increase their hardness and aesthetics.

Nitronic 60 Screws Specifications

Nitronic 60 Screws Chemical Composition

Nitronic 60 Cap Screws Physical Properties

Nitronic 60 Screws Dimensions

Nitronic 60 Screws Weight Chart

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How hard is Nitronic 60 Socket Head Cap Screws?

Nitronic 60 socket head cap screw is designed with a hardness of HRB 95 max. The Nitronic 60 Socket Head Cap Screws are important to wear by friction or erosion from any material.

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How is Nitronic Screws size measured?

A Nitronic screw is measured based on its diameter and the length of the fastener. The Nitronic Screws are calculated based on their major and minor diameters. The length of these screws is calculated by measuring the distance from the flat part of the head to its other end.

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applications and uses of Nitronic-60 Self Tapping Screws

A Nitronic 60 self tapping screw is a device that allows it to be driven directly into the material. The Nitronic-60 Self Tapping Screws are common in automotive systems, marine equipment, pins, pumps, and structural equipment. The Alloy 218 Self Drilling Screw are also a feature in valves, boat shafting, aerospace, bushings, etc.

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Benefits of Nitronic 60 Set Screws

Nitronic 60 set screw is a high performance grade that is used to fix another protrusion efficiently. The Nitronic 60 Set Screws have good resistance to corrosive affluents and have enhanced mechanical properties. These screws work well in high temperature conditions and have superb low temperature impact.

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How much weight can a UNS S21800 Concrete Screws hold?

A UNS S21800 concrete screw is a strong fastener that is affixed directly to concrete. These UNS S21800 Concrete Screws can hold weights between 80 and to 100lbs efficiently.