NPT threaded ball valve

NPT threaded ball valve

What is NPT threaded ball valve?

A type of quarter-turn valve containing a perforated, hollow, and rotating ball that helps in regulating the flow of the liquid is known as a ball valve. Being a subtype of it, threaded ball valves just contain extra internal and external threads that facilitate and execute inlet and outlet connections. NPT Threaded Ball Valve is a type of ball valve which includes the threads in itself to regulate the inlet and outlet connections. When the hole of the ball is aligned with the flow it indicates the opening while it can be closed while rotating the vale 90 degrees by the handle. When opened, it has a flat alignment with the flow while it offers a perpendicular alignment when closed.

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What does NPT mean on a NPT ball valve?

NPT in NPT Ball Valve stands for National Pipe Thread Taper. It is a U.S. standard for tapered threads used on threaded pipes and fittings. A taper thread binds the seal tightly by pulling it tightly when compared to the straight threads found on a bolt. NPT is defined by ANSI/ASME standard B1.20.1. The sizes of these ball valves come in 25 different sizes ranging from 1/16″ to 24″. These NPT ball valves are also known as stop valves, shutoff valves, and isolation valves because they are generally used for basic on/off service. Stainless Steel NPT Ball Valves are one of the widely used valves in industries.

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What industries use hygienic NPT ball valves?

Valves are generally suitable for usage in the automotive industry, aerospace, engineering, and transportation for designing bus bodies, electronic parts, fuel tanks, and lightweight structural parts. Being widely known for performing well even after several cycles these valves are widely used in industrial processes including residential plumbing. Hygienic NPT Ball Valves are known for their durability, reliability, and performance. They offer no head loss and act as a superior performer even with mildly abrasive as well as corrosive fluids. It is considered a deal for in-line control of process fluids because of its 3-piece construction. It fits perfectly and permanently to the pipe providing a secure seal. They are also used in flowing systems on ships and fire protection services and act as a help in shutting off applications.

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How long do female NPT manual ball valves last?

The wearing out of an NPT valve is natural when they are constantly in use by its rotation operation. In most cases and in 1/4 NPT Ball Valve wear and tear is caused by the rotation that consists of a 1/4 turn from a shaft mounted horizontally. All the ball valves including the Female NPT Manual Ball Valves last up to their life expectancy which is eight to ten years. Sometimes ball valves give out due to corrosion. In case of corrosion problems, stainless steel ball valves are most commonly used. Proper maintenance of the valves can increase the life expectancy period in many cases.

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What is a 2 inch NPT ball valve made of?

The Ball Valves are most commonly made of common housing materials such as brass, stainless steel, and PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride). The 2-inch NPT Ball Valve is usually made of chrome-plated steel, chrome-plated brass, stainless steel, or PVC. The seats are often made of Teflon, but their materials may also be different from product to product depending on the usage. The valves made of brass are called Brass ball valves that are manufactured by casting. The ball is chrome plated to increase its durability.

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Where should the 1/2″ NPT threaded brass ball valve be installed?

Ball Valves are valves with quarter-turn employed with ported spheres that move in the pipe to either allow or stop the flow. Different designs ensure a different degree of flow regulation. Ball Valves such as 1/2″ NPT Threaded Brass Ball Valves are installed everywhere where there is a need to regulate or stop the fluid current flow. The valves are used at different places ranging from a compressed-air line to a high-pressure, hydraulic system. These valves may be installed in vertical or horizontal pipe runs as they are bi-directional therefore flow direction is not critical.