Nylock nuts

Nylock Nuts

What are nyloc nuts?

A nyloc nut is a versatile fastener that has alloys of nylon and allows effectively locking the nut in position. The Nylock Nuts is also called a polymer insert lock nut that increases the friction of the screw thread. These nuts don’t loosen under any stress or vibration in the system. A Steel Nylon Lock Nut has a better clamping force and requires a lubricant to efficiently hold them in the right place. The Thin Nylock Nuts prevent any radial movement and are usually affixed, making use of screws, bolts, and stud fasteners. These nuts can be customized in different sizes and shapes.

Nylock Nuts Specifications

Nylock Nuts Dimensions

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How does a nylock nut work?

A nylock nut is a collar that is smaller than its thread diameter. These Nyloc Nuts help create a locking performance that holds the material against vibration and stress. The robust Metric Nyloc Nuts create superior friction and ensure the nut is locked into position.

Nylock wing nut and nyloc nuts are available in various materials and grades as per DIN 982/ ISO 7040 standards

IS nylock hex nut effective?

A nylock hex nut is economic and extremely reliable in its operation. The Nylock Hex Nut has a nylon insert and collar, which is smaller than its thread diameter. As force is applied to the Nylock Acorn Nut, the collar deforms creating friction.

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What is a nylock wing nut used for?

A nylock wing nut is characterized having the shape of wings on its body. The Nylock Wing Nut is common in access panels, adjustment tooling, chemical systems, nuclear plants, fastening systems, etc.

Check the specifications, weight chart and torque chart of thin/ hex nylock nut as per ASME B18.16.6 standard

How do you tighten nylock style nuts?

The nylock style nuts require more force than normal screws to tighten to the desired specification. These Nylock Style Nuts can be tightened with a wrench to meet the specified torque requirements.

Steel nylon lock nut retain their locking ability up to 250 °f (121 °c)

What temperature is hex nylock nut good for?

The hexagonal nylock nuts are designed to operate in a range of high temperature conditions. A Hex Nylock Nut retains its locking ability up to 250 degrees F.