Nylon tube clamps

Nylon tube clamps

What are nylon tube clamps?

Tube clamps are devices that help to fasten small tube and pipe pieces to the surface. They are simple and quick to operate, and can be assembled and disassembled easily. The nylon tube clamps have high work efficiency and it can save the installation time too. The polyamide nylon twin tube clamp material comes with a synthetic plastic material which contains polyamides of high molecular weight. They are silk-like thermoplastic made from petroleum and they can be melted-processed to fibers. The polyamide pa double hole tube clamp & brackets come with excellent dielectric properties and have an operational temperature range of -20 degrees C to 80 degrees C. They come with internal grooves for holding pipes and cables even if vibration occurs. The material is so flexible that the clamps are easy to install, without the use of tools.

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What is weld on nylon tube clamp?

The weld on polyamide heavy duty tube clamps are available in four main series. It is used for normal mechanical stress applications, wherein the line pressure can go up to 200 bar. Their dimensions can be customized according to the requirements specified by the client. They are great for medium to high loads and can even reduce the effect of harmful mechanical shocks and strong vibration, which is quite common in various hydraulic systems.

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Physical properties of polyamide tube clamp

The physical properties of polyamide tube clamp would include:

  • Good thermal resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Good resistance to fatigue
  • It is highly effective in dampening noise
  • Possesses high machinability

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Difference between nylon 6 and nylon 66 hydraulic pipe clamps

Both nylon 6 and nylon 66 have different chemical composition, which is why their physical properties also differ. They offer moderate elasticity and have high tenacity variants which are applied to different industrial applications. The fibers of the nylon 66 light duty clamps are around 33% more abrasion resistant compared to that of nylon 6. The polyamide 6 double pipe clamps come with more creep and low crystallinity and it is less rigid than nylon 66. However, the latter shows high resistance to abrasion and good stretch recovery.

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Advantages of nylon hydraulic tube clamps

The benefits of nylon 11 hydraulic tube clamps are:

  • They are rigid and show high hardness and toughness.
  • They offer superior resistance to wear and have high mechanical dampening.
  • High mechanical strength with good electric insulation.
  • Good machinability and strong resistance to high energy radiation.
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Application of polyamide hydraulic clamp

The polyamide 6.6 hydraulic hose clamps are widely used in different types of hydraulic systems for securing tubes, pipes, hose, and other plumbing components. They are used in medium to low pressure pipelines with gas, water, and oil as a medium.