OCTG pipe

OCTG pipe

What is OCTG pipe and its full form?

OCTG is the abbreviation for Oil Country Tubular Goods which refers to piping products which are used for oil and gas production, including drilling activities. The octg pipe can be manufactured based on API or other related standard specification. The tubing octg solutions are known for their hardness. It has chromium and manganese as their main alloys which confirms durability and cohesion. Molybdenum is added to the api octg products these days for eliminating sulphide stress cracking. These pipes can be used as drill pipes, casing, and tubing.

They are available in different grades and have different chemical compositions. It should undergo subsequent heat treatment. They are used in a wide range onshore and offshore applications. They have extremely high torque and high internal pressure. They are used in various heavy duty OCTG pipes. They are available in various dimensions and shapes, which can be customized according to the requirements of the client.

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What is the difference between octg and line pipe

The octg pipe is particularly used in the oil and gas producing companies. They are used in both onshore and offshore production of oil and gas. The line pipes are seamless or welded, and come with different types of ends. They are used for constructing a pipeline network that helps to convey oil, gas, water, and other liquids.

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What are types of octg tubing ?

There are three main types of octg steel pipes, namely drill pipe, casing pipe, and tubing pipe.

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What are standards of octg casing ?

The standards of octg casing are usually referred to API 5CT. The common grades will include J55?K55, C90, L80, N80, P110, T95, and so on.

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How steel casing pipe and tubing interact ?

The oil casing pipes are used in different types of horizontal underground boring, wherein the pipe is jacketed to an augered hole in various segments and then connected as per the pipe ends. The tubing has a naturally smaller diameter compared to casing, except for the 4.5 inch diameter. Anything larger than that is known as casing.

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Octg drill pipe cost difference in middle east and South Africa

The cost of the octg drill pipe varies from one manufacturer to the other, in both the Middle East and South Africa. The exact price will depend on various factors like the quality of the material, method of production, logistics, etc.