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What is an orifice flange?

A flange that helps to measure the fluid flow conveyed by the pipeline via a flow nozzle which is positioned on the flanges itself, is known as a Orifice Flanges. They are used with orifice meters for measuring the flow rate of oil, gas, and various other liquids. The Orifice Plate Flanges are available in different sizes and material grades. It is basically a disc-shaped flanges, and one would either get a raised face or Ring Type Joint Orifice Flanges. There is also a Asme Orifice Plate flanges which is a device placed between two orifice flanges and are attached to the pipe. The Din 19214 Orifice Flanges is used in a wide range of industries, including chemical, nuclear, petrochemical, sewage treatment, etc.

Orifice Flange dimensions, weight chart, standard, material, and specification

Orifice Flange Specification

Orifice Flange Material

ASME B16.36 orifice blind flange suppliers in UAE

What is the purpose of jack screw in orifice flange?

A jack screw is fitted between the Weld Neck Orifice Flange Set. The main Purpose Of Jack Screw In Orifice Flanges is to separate the flanges at the time of inspection, repair, or replacement processes.

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Can you determine what size bore I need for my orifice flange application?

In order to determine what Orifice Flanges Size bore the client needs for their application, the rate of liquid flow inside the pipe should be divided by the liquid velocity. This is will give the total area of the Asme B16.5 Orifice Flanges in square feet.

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What materials can I get my orifice flanges?

Typically, carbon or stainless steel is used for manufacturing various Orifice Flange Types.

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Can I order these orifice plates in a custom thickness?

Your Orifice Flanges Manufacturers In India can customize the flanges thickness according to your requirements.

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Do you keep orifice flange in stock for a quick shipment possibility?

Yes, manufacturers keep different Type Of Orifice Flanges in standard sizes in stock for a quick shipment possibility.