P20 round bar

P20 Round Bar

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P20 is an alloy. It offers excellent machinability. This happens when the P20 Bar is hardened and tempered. It is in Brinell 300 condition. A P20 Rounds gives a perfect polish finish. It has various uses. It is widely accepted for machine-cut plastic mild. This bar is also used for casting dies. It is a versatile and low-alloy tool. A P20 Round Bar has a lot of toughness at a moderate strength level. This is used for plastic injection mold cavities.

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A P20 mold steel plate is sold mainly in a pre-hardened condition. It has a hardness of approximately 300 HBW. A P20 Steel Rod s tempered at 482-593 degrees C. it has a Rockwell hardness of 37 to 28. P20 is sold in a pre-hardened condition. It has a hardening heat treatment. A P20 Material is nitrided or carburized. It is capable of being machined into complex and large molds. It has chromium and nickel. This increases the toughness and hardness of P20 steel. It is used in relatively low-temperature applications such as casting dies.

AISI P20 round bar and P20 tool steel hexagonal bar with PMI/ charpy test certificate

AISI P20 bars come in several varieties. The round bar is made of tool steel and is designated as AISI P20. This P20 Tool Steel Hex Bar is a machinable alloy tool steel. It is frequently offered in hardened and tempered forms. You can saw it to fit your needs. After heat treatment, it is completed.

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1.2738 Steel Rounds is an antique steel tool. For plastic injection die moulds, it is carried out. It may be seen of as an improved form of 1.2311 alloys. Steel that has been texturized is polishable.

P20 steel flat bar and square bar are offered in a range of sizes, with diameters ranging from 14 mm to 160 mm.

P20 tool steel is heated to 871-899 degrees Celsius. A P20 Mold Steel Square Bar is heated to 1500-1600 degrees F to be hardened and held for 15 minutes, and finally, the oil is quenched. The mass fraction of Mo reaches 0.46 % in this. It improves the stability of austenite. A P20 Steel Round Bar has a high amount of carbon. It is used for flame hardening for surface hardness. It has good compressive strength and polish ability. A P20 Steel Flat Bar or a P20 Flat Bar has an excellent finish and is one of the widely used metals.