Panel nut

Panel nut

What is a panel nut?

A panel nut is a thin, light duty fastener with a large inside diameter. The Panel Nut is designed with different alloying elements that give them good resistance to corrosive affluents. A Panel Lock Nut creates a strong sealing joint and resists movement due to vibration and stress in the system. The Panel Door Nut is chamfered having a hexagonal shape requiring a relatively lower surface area. These nuts possess NPT, UNF, UNC, ISO, and ACME thread types. The Panel Wire Nut is common in volume controls, switch mounts, electrical equipment, etc.

Panel Nuts specifications and dimensions

Panel Nut Specifications

Panel Nut Dimensions

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What is a panel mount nut?

A panel mount nut is designed to secure smaller threaded components that have a lower profile head. These Panel Mount Nuts are employed to tighten bolts or screws. They are designed in hot or cold forged processes and are available in different sizes.

Steel hex panel nuts available in various material and grades as per ASME B18.2.2 specification

What are the purpose of a steel hex panel nuts?

A steel hexagonal panel nut is a fastener used in applications that require a lower profile. The Steel Hex Panel Nuts create excellent clamping force and prevent any axial movement. These nuts utilize the right torque to bolt the joint.

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Advantages of metric panel nuts

A metric panel nut is a thinner jam nut used in tight areas. These Metric Panel Nuts are jammed into the bolt locking the equipment in place. They have excellent resistance to abrasion and high temperatures. The Panel Hex Nut evenly distributes the load creating a strong locking force.

Panel mount nuts available in UNC, 8UN, METRIC course in Middle East countries, view electrical panel nuts dimensions

What are standard knurled panel nuts sizes?

The standard knurled panel nuts are designed in metric sizes of M2 to M42, with imperial sizes up to 4 inches. These Knurled Panel Nuts are designed in lengths between 3mm to 200mm.

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How much do electrical panel nuts weigh?

The electrical nuts weight is based on the size, shape, and material of the grade. These Electrical Panel Nuts weight anywhere between 5.780 and 140 lbs.