Passivated Bolts

Passivated Bolts

What are passivated bolts?

A passivated bolt is coated with a light protective metal to shield against corrosion. The Passivated Bolts can use zinc, nitric, citric, and other acids to remove free iron from the surface. The treatment leads to a protective oxide layer or passivation film. Yellow Passivated Bolts have a smooth surface finish and have an aesthetical outlook. These bolts create a permanent or temporary connecting joint. A Yellow Passivated Heavy Hex Nut is used to securely affix the material. These nuts are very reliable and bolster outstanding performance. The Passivated Stainless Steel Bolts reduce downtime and allow the manufacturing system to run smoothly.

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What is the hardness of passivated fasteners?

A passivated coating doesn’t affect the hardness and no penetration of the surface. The Passivated Fasteners are freed from iron that is present on the surface. The hardness of fasteners is based on the material grade.

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What is zinc passivated steel screw used for?

Zinc passivated steel screws are appropriate for smaller fasteners in interior and mild steel environments. A Zinc Passivated Steel Screw is used in chemical, nuclear plants, petrochemical, structural applications, etc.

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What is the process of zinc passivated hex bolts?

A zinc passivated hex bolt is an electrodeposited zinc metal on the components. The zinc Passivated Hex Bolts are coated with zinc and followed by a non-electrolytic process. This promotes the build-up of an oxide layer above zinc. This gives the Zinc Passivated Bolts desirable wear and corrosion protection.

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Benefit of green passivated studs

Green passivated studs are primarily used to increase corrosion resistance by removing contaminants from the surface. The Green Passivated Studs reduce the risk of contamination and save downtime and money. These studs help increases the thickness of the material and allows for a smooth manufacturing system.

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Galvanized vs passivated stainless steel stud bolts: which is best?

Galvanizing is a process of coating SS stud bolts with zinc to create a protective coating. The Passivated Threaded Rod is a non-electrolytic finishing process to improve corrosion and tolerance. The passivation process is coated on galvanized steel to prohibit excessive zinc oxides and hydroxides.