Phosphate coated bolts

Phosphate Coated Bolts

What is a phosphate coated bolts?

Phosphate coating is a crystalline conversion coating formed on bolts. Phosphate Bolts have a long shaft that is partially threaded on its ends. These bolts allow for easy installation to connect different pieces of equipment. The Phosphate Coated Bolts can be installed readily without causing damage to the affixing material. These bolts have strong adhesion and corrosion resistance properties. Phosphate Heavy Hex Bolt is a common shape of bolts in this grade. These bolts are formed in manganese phosphate and zinc phosphate specification. The Phosphate Anchor Bolt is very reliable and has a long service life. These bolts can be custom designed as per requirements.

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Phosphate Coated Bolts specifications and weight chart

Phosphate Coated Bolts Specification

Phosphate Coated Bolts Weight Chart

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Do black phosphate bolts rust?

The black phosphate bolt is coated with a mild layer of corrosive affluents. Black Phosphate Bolts have excellent resistance, especially to abrasion and oxidative media. The bolts, like other types of bolts, rust when not used in extreme conditions.

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What is the purpose of phosphate and oil coated bolts?

The phosphate and oil coated bolts are employed for pre-treatment before they are coated or painted. Phosphate And Oil Bolts help improve the friction properties of sliding components. These bolts are used to enhance their protection against corrosive components. The Phosphate And Oil Coated Bolts have anti-galling properties and resist rusting in the system.

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What are the disadvantages of black phosphate coating bolts?

The black phosphate coated bolts are nearly corrosion resistant as other options. The Black Phosphate Coating Bolts can be rubbed off easily when they scratch due to the joining process. In high temperature systems, their look may deteriorate quickly. The Black Phosphate Hex Bolts have to be further dipped in oil, which increases their overall costs.

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How is phosphate coating applied on hex bolt?

Phosphate coating is formed with a solution of iron, zinc, manganese phosphate salts, and phosphoric acids. This Phosphate Coated Hex Head Bolts coating is applied by spraying the solution or immersing the substrate in a solution.

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How do you measure phosphate heavy hex bolt thickness?

The phosphate hex bolt thickness is measured using a calculator offered by manufacturers. The size of these bolts is based on their diameter and length of the grade.