Phosphate screws

Phosphate Screws

What is a phosphate screw?

A phosphate screw has a crystalline conversion coating on the screw. The Phosphate Screws are coated with the coating to increase their corrosion resistance and friction. These screws prevent sliding and are wear resistance. The Phosphate Covered Screw have a pointed end that allows them to create a permanent and temporary connection. These screws are reliable and have superior performance in the system. Phosphate Drywall Screw are primarily alloyed with manganese and zinc. These screws are available in different sizes to suit customer requirements.

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Phosphate Screws specifications

Phosphate Screws Specifications

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What are black phosphate screws?

Black phosphate screws are slightly grayish black and result in further coating. The Phosphate Black Screw has excellent adhesion and allows connection between two or more pieces of equipment. These screws are preheated and allow for good plating and performance.

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Can phosphate-coated screws be used outside?

Phosphate coated screws are known for their good corrosion resistance; however, it doesn’t stop rusting all together. This is why Phosphate Coated Drywall Screws are not recommended for outdoor applications.

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Are phosphate covered screws waterproof?

Phosphate covered screws have a black appearance and are resistant to rust. Phosphate Coated Screw are not sanctioned for use in range exterior environments.

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What is the difference between black oxide and black phosphate drywall screws?

Black oxide and black phosphate are two coatings of screws. The Black Phosphate Screw have more corrosion and protection over black oxide. Phosphate runs at 180 degrees F, while black oxide is at 290 degrees F. Black Collated Drywall Screws are more grayish, while black oxide is deep black. Finally, black oxide is more abrasion resistant than phosphate screws.

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What are the benefits of black phosphate fine thread drywall screws?

A black phosphate fine thread has good corrosion resistance and has outstanding efficiency. The Black Phosphate Fine Thread Drywall Screw are stronger over coarse threads. These threads increase the efficiency of light absorption during heat treatment. Black Phosphate Finish Screw help improve the lubrication in the cold extrusion process.