Phosphor bronze flat washer

Phosphor Bronze Flat Washer

What is a phosphor bronze flat washer?

A phosphor bronze washer is a plain grade having a circular flat head with varying thicknesses. The Phosphor Bronze Flat Washer is designed with alloys of tin, zinc, phosphorous, lead, iron, and copper. These washers have good tolerance to corrosive and oxidative affluents. Phosphorous Bronze Flat Chrome Washers evenly distribute the load in the system. These washers protect the equipment against damage in different equipment. The UNS C51000 Flat Conical Washers are used alongside bolts, nuts, and washers. These washers bolster good mechanical properties and tolerances. Alloy 510 Phosphor Bronze Flat Countersunk Washers can be hot or cold worked to give them desired properties. They are a feature in different applications and can be customized as per requirements.

Phosphor Bronze Flat Washer Specifications

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Phosphor Bronze Flat Washer Properties

Phosphor Bronze Flat Washer Dimensions

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Why do we use phosphor bronze plain washer?

A phosphor bronze plain washer is used to provide a bearing surface to minimize wear on the surface. The Phosphor Bronze Plain Washer is used in hardware assembly, plumbing fixtures, assembly applications, cookware systems, etc.

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What does SAE stand for in phosphor bronze round flat washer?

The SAE is a standard is covered under the Society of Automotive Engineers. A Phosphor Bronze Round Flat Washer under the SAE standards developed by engineering professionals.

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What sizes do UNS C51900 fender washers come in?

The UNS C51900 fender washer is a flat specification having a larger outer diameter proportional to a center hole. These UNS C51900 Fender Washers come in standard diameters from M6 to M36. They may be available in different sizes as per requirements.

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Is a phosphor bronze flat washer hardened?

The phosphor bronze flat washer can be hardened via cold working procedures. Phosphor Bronze Flat Rubber Washers can be annealed in temperatures between 482 to 676 degrees C.

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Characteristics of UNS C54400 black flat washers

The UNS C54400 black flat washer is a circular head having a central hole designed to accommodate a bolt. These UNS C54400 Black Flat Washers have good corrosion resistance properties and tolerances. These washers have a density of 8.9 g/cm3 with a melting point of 926 degrees C. The UNS C52100 Thick Flat Washers has a tensile strength between 303 to 517mpa with a yield strength between 131 to 434mpa. These 510 Phosphor Bronze Flat Bibb Washers have good thermal properties and machinability.