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Pipe bend specification

Pipe bend specification

What is a Pipe Bend?

A pipe bends is a device that is used to change the direction of the flow. The Pipe Bend helps in creating an offset of the flow. These bends are very important as modern pipelines require fluid to travel in different directions. The Types of Bend in Pipeline are designed in hot and cold rolling procedures. These pipeline bends are generally available in compression bending, rotary draw bending, roll bending, and mandrel bending process. Pipe Bending companies don’t produce bends with any sharp corners, but they have a larger radius of curvature than twice the diameter. We are a Pipe Bend manufacturer who supplies pipes of different sizes to suit project requirements. This is why identifying the right use of the Bend Dn150 is essential for a finished operating system.


Types of Bends in Pipeline

Types of Bend in Pipeline


Why Pipe Bend Used In Pipeline?

A Steel Pipe Bend is primarily designed to influence the characteristics of the flow in the pipeline. These bends don’t require any welding process and there is lower friction in the flow, making it smoother. A 50mm Pipe Bend would minimize the routing pressure changes through complex piping systems. These bends are easy to implement and connect. The Schedule 40 Pipe Bends have excellent flexibility and offer outstanding thermal expansion.


Pipe Bend


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ASME B16.49 Bend vs ASME B16.9 Bends

The ASME B16.49 Bend is a standard factory made wrought butt weld induction bends. They are used in transportation and distribution systems. ASME B16.9 Bends are factory made wrought butt weld fittings that are designed in sizes of NPS 1 ⁄ 2 to 48.


Buy ASME B16.49/ ASME B16.9 Buttweld Bend with third-party inspection including SGS, TUV Rheinland, Intertek and many others


Difference Between Pipe Bend And Elbow

Difference Between Pipe Bend And Elbow


Fabricated Bends manufacturerd via CNC/ Cold Forming process with or without tangents, view Steel Pipe Bend dimensions, specification, grades and material


Fabricated Bends vs Buttweld Bends

A Buttweld Bend fitting can be produced in the seamless and welded specification. These fittings have good strength and are processed in hot or cold forming processes. Fabricated Bends are formed in definite sizes as per project requirements. These bends are strong and very reliable. Our company offers CNC Pipe Bending Services to all our customers at viable prices.


What is Pipe Bends Radius Chart ?

Pipe Bends Radius Chart


Buttweld Pipe Bends available in 30, 45, 60, 90 & 135 Degree, view latest price list

Buttweld Pipe Bends Price list

Description Price in USD Price in Dirham
1 1/2″ NB or 40mm MS Seamless Sch 40 Plain End Expansion Bends 55.13 202.49
Plain End 1″ Nb Or 25mm Seamless Sch 40 Ms Expansion Bends 42.88 157.50
ANSI butt-welded 1.5d carbon steel elbows or bends 48.81 179.28
MS Long Bends ERW 1/2″ Nb Or 15mm B-Medium 0.25 0.92
2″ Nb or 50mm Ms Seamless Sch 40 Long Radius 6 Inch Centre U Bends 4.59 16.86

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