Pipe bollards

Pipe Bollards

What are pipe bollards?

Many may not notice the metal pipes on most urban streetscapes that provide security and traffic control. They are tube bollards are colorful and intense metal pipes filled with concrete. It is to have the strength to avoid any damage when being hit. They are not only for security but also for decorative purposes.

Steel pipe bollards are the most used because of having high strength and affordable costs. It is a metal pipe of 4 to 8 feet in height and with varying diameters filled with concrete to guide traffic and act as a security barricade for ATMs and other purposes. There are fixed and removable pipe billboards as per the need.

Pipe bollards specifications and sizes

Pipe Bollards Specification

Pipe Bollards Size weight and color code

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How thick should steel pipe bollards be?

There are different stainless steel pipe bollards for decoration, security, controlling traffic, warning signs, etc. Hence as per the purpose, there are steel bollards of many size thicknesses. For security purposes in front of banks and ATMs, the consistency should be more to withstand any vehicle collision.

Six-inch galvanized pipe bollards painted with vibrant colors are thick and strong enough for decorative purposes. It is useful for decorative and safety purposes in events to also act as sign boards. The top pipe bollard suppliers provide it in many thicknesses from 3, 4, 6, 8, and 10 inches with varying heights.

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What are the types of bollards?

Since steel pipe safety bollards are cost-effective solutions for many purposes worldwide, their usage is increasing yearly. Apart from the yellow steel pipe safety bollard, many see on the roads, and there are others. Depending on the purpose, there are concrete-filled pipe bollards or without them. A few of the most used bollard types include.

  • Removable bollards are easy to use and best for controlling access to private areas.
  • Construction bollards protect site workers from external impacts.
  • Security bollards are like construction bollards but with high-quality steel, concrete, or asphalt.

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What type of pipe is used for bollards?

With many alloys available, many pipe types are used to make bollards. But again, the purpose determines the suitable pipe to use. And the significant factor to consider is corrosion resistance as bollards get exposed to harsh environments to rust fast.

Steel pipe for bollards is the most preferred choice for many purposes, from security to guiding traffic. But with many steel types available, like low carbon, mild, and robust steel, it is essential to choose the right one per the need. The experienced pipe suppliers will provide suitable pipes with rust-proof capacities to last long for having value for the hard-earned money.

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How much does a 6-inch steel pipe bollard weigh?

The average weight of the 6-inch steel pipe bollard is around 30 lbs per foot. But it depends on the type of steel, nominal size, wall thickness, ID or inner diameter, OD or outer diameter, circumference, etc.

Many-inch steel pipe bollards are available as per the need with varying weights. The 6-inch bollard, made of high-quality steel with 84-inch height and 8-5/8 ID and OD, will weigh around 200 lbs. If the steel is of high quality to be lightweight but strong to withstand any impact, the weight of the bollard will be less.

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What is a scheduled 40-pipe bollard?

Schedule 40 pipe bollards are the most common parking lot bollards. People worldwide prefer it because of its lightweight. Even an eight-foot pipe bollard weighs only 150 lbs, Hence It is easy to move them with no mechanical help. But being made with high-quality steel, these pipe bollards are strong enough to withstand even severe impacts.

Decorative pipe bollards are best to protect pedestrians and vehicles at plowed-down sites. Also, they are useful for safeguarding parking vehicles on many roads. And by diverting traffic on busy roads, these bollards avoid accidents.