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Pipe clamp specification

Pipe clamp specification

What does pipe clamp mean?

A pipe clamp is a device that is used for supporting different suspended pipes. Stainless steel pipe clamps can also work as a clamped pipe shoe. These clamps can connect with another pipe and other assembly parts to provide good support. The pipe support clamp helps transfer loads of a piping system to the main structure. These clamps ensure that the integrity of the device is maintained during the installation process. They are available in either heavy or Light Series Plastic Pipe Clamps. They can handle the differing load and light vibration in the system.


Pipe Clamp


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What is Hydraulic Polypropylene Tube Clamp?

A Hydraulic polypropylene tube clamp is designed to secure piping equipment efficiently. Tube Clamps help reduce the harmful effects of mechanical shock and vibration common in fluid power systems. The High Pressure Tube Clamps of polypropylene cushion help reduce wear and tear in the system. These clamps are designed to handle higher pressure media compared to Low Pressure Tube Clamps.


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Description Price in USD Price in Dirham
Stauff Clamp Suitable For 4 Sch Xxs Pipe 129.12 474.27
Parker Dia 35 Pipe Clamp 10.62 39.01
1/2 in. Tube Size Bolted Plastic Clamp Polypropylene 8.00 29.38


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What are Pipe Clamp Types

What are Pipe Clamp Types


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What is DIN 3015 PART 1, PART 2, PART 3?

The DIN 3015 Clamps have a sophisticated modular system for fixing pipes and piping equipment with static and dynamic loads. The standard of clamps are available in PART 1, PART 2, and PART 3. A DIN 3015 PART 1 Clamp is designed having a light range. These clamps usually have threads of M 6 having nominal sizes between 0 to 6.

The DIN 3015 PART 2 Clamp is a heavy range clamp that can handle different pressures. These clamps have threads of M 10 to M 30 with nominal sizes of 1 to 10. DIN 3015 PART 3 Clamp is a twin clamp specification. These clamps have threads of M 6 to M8 and have nominal sizes of 1 to 5.


What are Polypropylene Pipe Clamp Temperature and Pressure ?

Polypropylene Pipe Clamp Temperature and Pressure


PP Clamp advantages and disadvantages

A polypropylene clamp is a device that is quick to implement and connect. These clamps have superior strength and are very efficient. The PP Pipe Clamp ensures there is no leakage. The lightweight clamps are very versatile and inexpensive. They are flexible and can fit in tough spots.

The PP clamp doesn’t take higher shock loads and has a tendency to loosen over time. Higher temperatures can affect the fastening of the clamp. The clamp has a limited displacement range and can lead to higher vibration levels.


How to Fix a Pipe Leak With A Clamp ?

How to Fix a Pipe Leak With A Clamp

Clamps for pipe leak repairs are used for sealing and mending broken water supply installations. One of the most fundamental and simple instruments for fixing leaking pipes is a pipe repair clamp. It’s so easy to use repair clamps, and they work on pipes of most sizes and types. The rubber portion of the clamp must be placed over the area that requires repair, and the strong component must be tightened over the rubber in order to correct a pipe leak.


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