Plug valves

Plug Valves

What are plug valves?

The importance of a valve in a piping system is that it regulates the flow as required. With valves, the pipes don’t have to be fully cut down or the system to shut down. The valves can maintain the flow rate with adjustments and shut down if needed. The Plug valves are one type of valve available in the piping operation. The shape of the valve is conical. These valves allow fluid flow in the desired direction through the openings in the plug. They usually have only 2 openings, but can have more depending on the need of the application.

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How do I identify a plug valve?

There can be different types of plug valves such as the Eccentric plug valve. Each of these valves has a specific design. Usually, the valve has a handle or handle wheel which does not raise or lower a stem. And they also work within a quarter turn. When you look through the inlet or outlet and turn the handle, you can see the conical shape of the plug and the opening. The Lubricated plug valve also has a screw for lubrication. You can easily identify this valve with these features. Or, you can use the markers on the valve to check if it is a plug valve or some other kind of valve.

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Can you throttle with a plug valve?

It depends on the application and the level of throttle you want to apply. There are 3 way plug valve types as well. These can facilitate the flow in 2 different outlets. However, the pressure has to be lower and the throttling has to be limited with this valves. It is also very dependent on the type of fluid that flows through the Gas or liquid plug valve. If the media is so erosive or corrosive, then this valve might not be the best choice for throttle. Most uses of plug valves are in on-off operations because when fully open, they don’t interfere much with the fluid flow and don’t cause a pressure drop.

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How do you know if a plug valve is open or closed?

As with all valves, this valves have opening and closing markers on the handle. The Solenoid plug valve can be easily identified in its position with the marker. If the handle is a single bar, the opening position usually leaves the handle on top of the pipe, parallel to the flow. If the handle is perpendicular to the pipe, then the Sleeved plug valve is in the closed position. In addition to this alignment, you can see the markers on the handle or the body of the valve to determine the position.

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How does a 3-way plug valve work?

Valves can be used to get fluids from one direction and to transfer them in another direction. There are different types of valves such as the Non lubricated plug valve for different purposes. However, the valves sometimes need to transfer fluids in more than one direction. This means, there is more than one outlet. The 3-way valve means it has one inlet and two outlets. If a Flanged plug valve is to act as a 3-way valve, then it has openings in three sides of the plug where when aligned, one opening lets the fluid in, and two others let the fluid out in two different directions.

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What is the most common application of a plug valve?

Fine liquids and gases can be regulated with many more accurate valves such as needle valves. This valves have to be used where the fluid is not so clean, or fine. The Industrial plug valve is used in systems where slurry or effluent is expected to be floating or suspended. In these cases, the fluid flow is not expected to be controlled accurately. The system is either open or shut down. This valves are useful in these situations, but they are not good enough to regulate the pressure or flow rate compared to other types of valves.

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