Pneumatic actuated ball valve

Pneumatic actuated ball valve

What is a pneumatic actuated ball valve?

A ball valve is a shutoff valve that uses a rotary ball having a boring to control the flow of fluids like liquids or gases. Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve is one of the various ball valves.

These valves operate faster than the valves with an electric actuator. To fully close these valves one has to turn the lever clockwise 90 degrees. It has a simple design and is widely used in systems that require a turn on or off mechanism. Pneumatic operated ball valves are available in different materials and sizes. They help in providing accurate alignment to the system.

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Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve Specification

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How does pneumatic operated ball valve work?

Compressed air is converted to a mechanical motion for these valves to work. A rotatory mechanical motion available in the Pneumatic actuated hygienic ball valve is used to turn it 90 degrees. The most common method for it to work in the rack and pinion mechanism. A linear motion is achieved when the piston is pushed by the compressed air that in turn is attached to a rack. The pinion drives the stem of the ball valve to open or close by converting the linear motion to circular motion.

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What is the disadvantage of 3 way pneumatic ball valve?

it is advisable not to use these valves in systems that require precise control of media flow volumes. This is because it is designed in a way that does not suit reparability. Also, they are expensive when compared to 2 way valves and are not easily repaired. Moreover, these Pneumatic actuated 3 way ball valves cannot turn off the flow of media completely.

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Where should a pneumatic actuated 3 way ball valve be installed?

These valves are suitable for heavy pressure applications and high cycles. This is because these applications have a lot of wear and tear. Since it is easy to disassemble these High pressure pneumatic actuated ball valves for maintenance and repair purposes they are the most preferred choice. Also, they offer a variety of connection types and have a long life span.

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What is the most common application for a pneumatic actuated hygienic ball valve?

They are mostly used in drinking water and gas applications. You can commonly find them in your day-to-day life at home, in the kitchen, and the faucets. Where ever there is a requirement to control the flow of fluids you will find these 3 way pneumatic actuated ball valves available there.

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What characteristic is a 3 way pneumatic actuated ball valve?

These valves can either be double acting or single acting. A double acting pneumatic ball valve uses 2 air inputs that are compressed to turn the valve and return the valve to the original position. Whereas, a single acting Pneumatic actuated high pressure ball valve has a single air input compressed to turn the valve and return it to its original position. To control these valves, solenoid valves are used to regulate the compressed air.