Pneumatic butterfly valves

Pneumatic butterfly valves

What are pneumatic butterfly valves?

Since valves are used to regulate the flow of liquids inside different pipelines, the mode of operation for each valve differs. There are applications that are risky and need high accuracy. The Pneumatic wafer butterfly valve is operated with air. It doesn’t use electricity to open and close the valve but can be automated with air. This allows for a safe operation in highly inflammable fluids such as gases and petroleum products. The valve is opened safely without the possibility of creating a spark. The Sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve is applied in sanitary and wastewater management systems to ensure that the valve operates smoothly with just air pressure. These are low-pressure valves and are not used in very high-pressure applications.

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How does a pneumatic operated butterfly valve work?

The stem of the Pneumatic actuator operated butterfly valve is operated with air. Compressed air powers the stem to turn. As the stem of the valve turns, the disc inside the valve body turns to either open or close the valve. The valves are usually powered with human power or electric power. The Pneumatic control butterfly valve is used in sensitive systems where a safe operation is required and these are operated by compressed air.

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In what conditions a sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve is recommended?

In the sanitary systems, there are locations where humans are simply not needed or are not expected to enter regularly. The Pneumatic butterfly valves can be used in places like this. One of the reasons why the valves are used in sanitary systems is that there are various gas emissions in the systems and some of them are highly inflammable, like methane gas. To avoid accidental liting up of the gas by any spark from the operation of the valve, the Pneumatic operated butterfly valve is used.

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Can a pneumatic control butterfly valve control pressure?

Not much. The valve is operated by air, but the butterfly valve itself cannot control pressure because it is not a one-way valve. The Double acting pneumatic actuator butterfly valve can facilitate the flow in both directions. There will be a pressure drop proportional to the viscosity of the fluid flowing inside the valve but it is not enough to control or regulate the pressure. Also, the disc of the Pneumatic sanitary butterfly valve is always in the fluid flow, it creates a pressure drop in the system, always, even when it is fully open.

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What industries use wafer pneumatic butterfly valves?

Oil and gas and natural gas industries are the primary industries where Pneumatic actuated wafer butterfly valve is used. This is because the valves are safe to operate and the inflammable fluids need careful control. The oil and gas industry has highly inflammable material in most pipelines. This is one of the reasons why the Pneumatic cylinder operated butterfly valve is used in sensitive applications with very sensitive materials inside. It doesn’t mean the valves cannot be used in other applications. They can be used in water lines as well.

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How long does a pneumatic stainless steel butterfly valve last?

As with all butterfly valves, the main issue with the Wafer pneumatic butterfly valve is that the valve’s disc can wear off if the valve is open most of the time. If the valve is closed for most of the time, then the valve can last longer. However, the frequency of operation, the material made, the flow rate, and the material that flows inside can all contribute to the lifespan. The valve can last from 10 to 30 years, but the actual lifespan changes from condition to condition and from valve to valve.