Polypropylene pipe clamp

Polypropylene pipe clamp

What are polypropylene pipe clamp?

The tube clamps help to reduce the harmful effects of mechanical shock and strong vibrations in different types of fluid power systems. The polypropylene pipe clamp comes with a cushion which helps to reduce wear caused by rubbing and chafing, which can result in malfunction and leakage. These are available in various sizes which are customizable according to the requirements specified by the client. The pp plastic light duty clamps can be used for fastening small pipes and tubes to the surface. The heavy duty polypropylene plastic tube clamps are used when great tightening forces are required. The polypropylene twin pipe clamps are designed for clamping two identical pipes or tubes to the piping system.

Verified Supplier

Verified Suppliers

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Configuration of pp pipe clamp

The configuration of the pp pipe clamp would include:

  • Material- They are available in different types of materials including various grades of stainless steel.
  • Size- They are available within the size range of 1”-12” and can be customized according to client requirements.
  • Standard- They are made according to international standards.
  • Temperature- They have operating temperatures between 10 to 120 degrees C.
  • Pressure- They are suitably used for different low pressure services.

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What is polypropylene clamp multi level assembly?

The polypropylene clamp multi-level assembly is chosen depending on the application. They are vertically clamped in 2,3 or 4 layers, or as high as required. They are designed for light duty, heavy duty and twin series also.

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What is polypropylene tube clamp density?

The PP tube clamp has a low density.

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Advantages of pp clamp

The advantages of poly pro hydraulic tube clamps are:

  • They have anti vibration properties.
  • They show good corrosion resistance performance
  • They have high durability.
Polypropylene twin pipe clamp and poly pro hydraulic tube clamps for hydraulic systems as per DIN 3015

Application of pp pipe clamps

The pp polypropylene hydraulic pipe clamps are used in high temperature and UV resistant applications.