PTFE ball valve

PTFE ball valve

These ball valves are in great demand in the global industrially market due to its superb functionality. PTFE ball valve stands for polytetrafluoroethylene ball valves which is type of fluoropolymer generally utilized in the ball valve seats. This ball valve is used in various industrial applications to allow gas and fluid through a valve that revolves 900 and it is sealed at both the ends respectively with solid sides. PFA ball valve need no lubrication and offers secure sealing with less torque applied. They exhibit strong mechanical properties and efficient high flow capacity even in in high pressure and volume applications. These ball valves are extensively used in the water distribution channels, petrochemical, food processing and instrumentation control industries.

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The ball valves are very strong and deliver high performance due to its super protective PTFE material hence are widely used in the flow of different medias containing sulfuric acid, benzene, chlorine, phosphoric acid and sea water. They are very simple to install, operate and are lightweighted. The ball valves provide tight seal with less torque and require no lubrication.

PTFE Ball Valve Specification

Ptfe Ball Valve Specification

Size Range Color Seat Type
15 mm to 300 mm
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Black
PTFE With Viton Backup Ring
Advantages Of PTFE Ball Valve Pressure Design Standard
  • Light Weight
  • Simple To Operate
  • Require No Lubrication
  • Tight Seal With Minimal Torque
Medium Pressure BS 5351
Testing Standard Drilling Face to Face
BS EN 12266-1 or 2
  • ASA #150
  • DIN 2632
  • DIN 2633
  • BS 10 Table D/ E/ F
  • ANSI B 16.10
  • DIN 3202
  • BS EN 558-1/2
Applications Various Types Of PTFE Ball Valve Below listed PFA Coated Ball Valves Suppliers also stock following brands Types
  • Sulfuric Acid
  • Chlorine
  • Benzene
  • Phosphoric Acid
  • Sea Water
  • PTFE Seal Ball Valve
  • Teflon Ball Valve
  • PFA Ball Valve
  • PTFE Coated Ball Valve
  • PTFE Coated Actuated Ball Valve
  • PFA Coated 3 Way Ball Valves
  • Amtech
  • BHEL
  • Spirax
  • KSB
  • Kirloskar
  • Hyper
  • L & T
  • Amco
Ambient Temperature Media Operating Pressure Media Operating Temperature
240ºF (115ºC) (maximum) 120 PSI (maximum) 320ºF (160ºC) (maximum)

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MS PTFE ball valve Have low friction properties and wide temperature range. The ball valve exhibits outstanding chemical resistant which makes them ideal devices for valves. PFA coated 3 way ball valves ensure no leakage and minimal pressure drop. The ball valves provide fast, shock-free opening and closing. The ball valves are highly durable, convenient and are easy to install.

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PTFE seat ball valve has work application of sealing the fluid inside and uniformly spreading the seat stress. It helps to distribute seating stress equally and are generally soft enough adhere with the curve ball providing a tight seal. It has excellent wear resistance and stress recovery. It has sufficient elasticity to properly regulate the flow of fluids and maintain a solid seal.

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PTFE seal ball valve should not be used in high polar solvents such as ketones, acetone, chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc. These ball valves must not be used in contaminated or abrasive fluids, extreme pressure and high temperatures.

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To check the Teflon seat ball valve for its proper functionality and quality standards hydrostatic pressure testing in mandatory. This test ensures that the ball valve can withstand high pressure, check its mechanical properties and functionality to make sure that the material is adhering to the industrial standard.

Ptfe Ball Valve Material

Ptfe Ball Valve Material