Rectangular Hollow Section

Rectangular Hollow Section

What is rectangular hollow section?

The most durable hollow segment that offers the most user performance is probably a rectangular hollow pipe, more commonly abbreviated as RHS Section. When building highly functional structural or technical projects, engineers and others frequently choose a rectangular hollow section.
RHS shafts are well-liked hollow parts for connecting and soldering because of their smooth surfaces. Due to the smooth surfaces, which only require a simple cut to the strips to join to certain other coatings, manufacturing professionals tend to favor RHS as a welding material.
RHS requires little edge preparation because of its form. Galvanized steel rectangular box section has both a utilitarian advantage and an attractive one thanks to its clear lines, which also make it a superb architectural element.

Rectangular hollow section sizes, dimensions, weight and specification

Rectangular Hollow Section Specification

Rectangular Hollow Section Size Thickness Weight

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What is code of RHS section?

Rectangular hollow tubes are available in a number of grades, including S355 and S275 under BS EN 10025. Size, thickness, chemical, and physical qualities are determined by these codes. These rectangular hollow section’s standard sizes are Cold Formed IS4923 YST310 specification, and they are less maintenance-intensive, more robust, and simpler to place.
In cases when case samples with a better rating were taken, low alloy grades might be included. Whereas most Canadian manufacturers use ASTM A500 & CSA G40.21, most American industries follow ASTM A500 or the more recent ASTM A1085 specifications. The EN 10210 specification is usually followed by European hollow section manufacturers.

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The rectangular box section has a rectangular cross-section, which is different from other cross-sections. The square tube has a square cross-section. A square tube is a type of rectangular pipe that is contained in a rectangular tubing. Therefore, the range of operation is distinct. Rectangular tubes can be made primarily in one of two ways: cold rolling or hot rolling.
The hot-rolled strip is rolled through a procedure to create the rectangular hollow section steel. The piercing technique in the tubing void is a crucial step in the production of the square tube since it is the source of many problems in the tube. The distortion characteristics of the piercing must be carefully chosen in order to assure quality.

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Where is the rectangular HSS used?

The galvanized steel alloy rectangular box section is used to make several pipelines for the transportation of liquids, including gasoline, natural gas, wastewater, vapours, etc. Additionally, since the mass is low and the flexing and torsion strengths are equal, it is frequently employed in the production of mechanical parts and structural construction. A number of military equipment, cylinders, shells, and eventually are also produced using this technology.
In forged structural steel, where components are subjected to several orientations of pressure, HSS rectangular sections, is frequently used. Rectangular HSS’s flat square surfaces can make buildings more accessible and are occasionally selected for their aesthetic appeal.

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How do you calculate the weight of a rectangular box section?

The iron weight equation, which is the combination of the standard weight of steel alloy and its volume, is used to figure out the weight of a rectangular hollow section steel tube (RHS). Several RHS weight calculators and steel weight calculators are used to figure out the mass of rectangular hollow parts (RHS).
By inputting the volume and density of the alloy used, one of the several online weight-calculating websites can quickly determine the weight of rectangular hollow piping systems.
Product of the volume (v) and the material’s density (p) to determine the weight (mass) of the rectangular pipe.
Volume(v) * Density(p)=Weight(w)

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What are standards sizes of rectangular hollow section steel?

Rectangular hollow parts come in a broad variety of sizes. Their lateral dimensions range from 26 mm 13 mm at their smallest to 400 mm 200 mm at their largest.
Additionally, the thickness of these materials varies greatly, with a minimal thickness of about 0.8 mm and a maximal thickness of about 12 mm. steel rectangular box section sizes have a wide range as well, with a minimum length of 4 meters and an overall length of 12 meters. Rectangular hollow sections’ standard sizes are more widely employed since they are readily available in regular sizes.