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Advantages of Castable Anchors

A castable anchor breaks away designs reducing stress in the lining. The Castable Anchors have excellent performance and excellent thermal insulation. These anchors can withstand physical stress and have a thermal barrier containing any medium. Ceramic Anchor Brick Clips have a long life span and has excellent performance.


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Refractory anchors specification

Refractory anchors specification

What are Refractory Anchors?

A refractory anchor is cast to securely seal it to the foundation. Refractory Anchors provide stability and support due to movement in the system. These anchors showcase tolerance to heat pressure and chemical degradation. The Corrugated Anchors can withstand physical stresses and are tolerant to corrosive affluents in toxic conditions. They are designed in different types, namely V, Y, WV, UV and Split Tyne, Stud Welded and Rotalock Anchors.

These anchors have enhanced performance and outstanding thermal insulation properties. The V Anchors are useful as they can hold the refractory to the wall keeping it from falling. It also supports the weight of the wall in this process. These WV Anchors stop wall buckling from internal thermal stresses due to high temperatures. They have good strength and torsion. The Y Anchors are the most frequently used anchors in this range. These anchors are well suited for fast arc welding processes.

UV Anchors are designed with Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium, carbon, Duplex, Brass, nickel alloy, stainless steel, etc. Shelf & PV Anchors can be nickel plated, hot dip galvanized, bright zinc plated, stainless steel passivated, or anodized. The Welded and Twisted Anchors are designed in different sizes and shapes as per requirements.

Refractory Anchors


What Are Refractory Anchors Used For?

Refractory anchors are used in high temperature linings, blankets, boards, and modules. The Christmas Tree and Strap Anchors are seen in industrial furnaces, petrochemical related facilities, manufacturing facilities, and waste incinerators. Shelf Brackets & Fabricated Parts are used as reinforcing hardware that is used to hold secure castables. These parts are used in refractories, furnace lining, refractory fixing lines, etc. The Ceramic Fibre Fixings basically aid in insulation locking in the system.


Refractory Anchors type

Refractory Anchors type


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What are Testing Method of Refractory Anchors

What are Testing Method of Refractory Anchors


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Why Color Coating Applied on Refractory Materials ?

Refractory Coating

colour coating is utilised to avoid cracking of refractory materials Due to the thermal expansion difference between the anchor and refractory. A quality refractory coating can significantly improve the value of your operation by lowering cleaning expenses or providing a better surface polish.

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Refractory Coating Benefits

  • Improve overall casting quality
  • Reduced scrap
  • Prevent erosion of sand by molten metal
  • Lower cleaning costs
  • Smoother surface finish
  • Reduce or eliminate metal penetration
  • Reduce or prevent “burn-on”


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