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Return Bend

What does return bend mean?

A return bend returns the pipeline in the opposite direction. It is also known as the U bend. The shape of the Return Bend Fitting looks like the English letter U. A return bend is used in systems where the pipes are placed closer in circuits where the material flow involves heat transfer. Cooling systems often have return bends to repeat the pipes in opposite directions Return Bend Pipe Fitting can be made out of different material types to match the requirement of the application.

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Purpose of copper return bends

In piping systems that transfer material within a smaller area but through long lines for processing, the 1/2 Copper Return Bend and other sized bends are used. The purpose is to turn the piping in the opposite direction. There are exhaust pipes and cooling system pipes that use the 3/4 Copper Return Bend of other sizes for returning the fluid flow in the opposite direction.

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Advantages of stainless steel return bend in fire sprinkler systems

Fire sprinkler systems are an example of a stainless steel return pipe application. There are different sizes such as the 15mm Returns Bend which based on the application is installed. Since stainless steel can be produced in different alloy grades, withstand high pressure and temperature, and is corrosion-resistant to water, it ticks all the boxes for a fire sprinkler system. The 180-degree Return Bend can be used in the springer system to direct the water upside down with high pressure to flow through the sprinkler.

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What are aluminum return bend pressure drop-in refrigeration systems?

The return bends can be made in aluminum and other metallic alloys and are used in different applications. The Short Radius Return Bend can be used in refrigeration systems. As the fluid passes through the bent surface, the pressure of the liquid drops towards the outside edge. With returns pipes, it is easy to remodel a piping line. The correct installation of the returns pipes can reduce sedimentation in pipes.

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What are the components of a long radius return bend?

Short Radius Return Bend has a short bend radius that is usually less than 2 times the outer diameter of the pipe. The long radius pipes have above 2D radii. So the Return Bend Fitting is made according to the application requirement. The bend can be a single piece or a collection of components. In the collection of components, the parts are arm over, the riser nipple, the drop, and the hanger, if you take a fire sprinkler system. For larger diameter pipes with different applications, the components also differ.