RJT Unions

RJT Unions

A union which is mainly referred to hygienic fittings as the standard union is called as ring joint type union. They mainly consist of a hexagon nut, pressed weld liner and a male part. Along with this, RJT unions BS 4825 part 5 means that unions of RJT are manufactured to the part 5 BS 4825. They are available in the size range of 1’’-4’’.

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Specification of RJT Unions

Sizes Available material BS 4825 RJT unions international standards
0.5″ – 4″
  • 1.4301 (SS 304)
  • 1.4404 (SS 316L)
  • 1.4307 (SS 304L)
  • 1.4435 (SS 316LMo)
  • BS4825

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Other trade name DIN standard RJT Union Nut MTC & testing certificates
  • ASME/ BPE SS sanitary RJT Union
  • Pharmaceutical stainless steel RJT Hygienic Union
  • SS dairy BS 4825 RJT Unions
  • Stainless steel sanitary RJT Union Male
  • SS hygienic RJT Union Liner
  • DIN 11865
  • DIN 11851
  • DIN 11864 (Union)
  • ASME BPE Standard DT-18
  • Surface roughness test certificate
  • 3.1/AD2000-W2 test certificate
  • DIN EN 10204 3.1 test certificate
RJT Unions BS 4825 electropolishing specification Surface finish & roughness average (Ra) Key Features
  • SF5 20 µ-in 0.51 µm
  • SF3 : 30 µ-in 0.76 µm
  • SF6 : 25 µ-in 0.64 µm
  • SF0 : µ-in / µm
  • SF2 : 25 µ-in 0.64 µm
  • SF1 : 20 µ-in 0.51 µm
  • SF4 : 15 µ-in 0.38 µm
  • RJT Unions BS 4825: roughness average (Ra) of < 0.8 – 1.6 μ
  • RJT Union Nut: (Ra) of < 0.8 – 1.6 μ
  • Sanitary rjt unions: (Ra) of < 0.4 – 0.8 μ
  • ISO 2037 RJT Hygienic Union: (Ra) of < 0.8 – 1.6 μ
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Crevice-free welds
  • Tight tolerances
  • Smooth weld ends
Parts of RJT RJT Union Liner surfaces Sealing material
  • RJT Union Hex Nut (SS 304)
  • RJT Union Male (SS 316)
  • RJT Union Liner (SS 316)
  • RJT Union Joint Ring / Rubber Seal (Nitrile as standard)
  • ID Finish <0.5µm
  • OD Finish <0.8­µm Polished
  • Ra ≤ 1,6 µm (Not in contact with product)
  • Ra ≤ 0,8 µm (Contact with product)
  • EPDM
  • HNBR
  • FKM
Types of union stainless steel RJT unions Other International manufacturing standard Sanitary RJT Union full form
  • RJT Complete Union – Nitrile Joint Ring
  • RJT Complete Union – EPDM Joint Ring
  • RJT Expanded Liner
  • RJT Complete Union – Viton Joint Ring
  • RJT Hex Nut
  • RJT Expanded Male
  • RJT Weld Male
  • RJT Pressed Liner
  • RJT M/F 90° Bend
  • RJT Nitrile Joint Ring
  • RJT EPDM Joint Ring
  • RJT Spanner
  • RJT Viton Joint Ring
  • RJT Male Ended Hosetail
  • RJT Metal Detectable EPDM Joint Ring
  • RJT Pressed Blank Liner
  • RJT Reducing Liner
  • RJT Blank Nut & Chain
  • RJT Machined Liner
  • RJT Hose Liner
  • BS4825 -British standard
  • Ring Joint Type

Check the price list of RJT Hygienic Union, 316 stainless steel RJT Unions suitable for 1MPa/ 10 bar working pressure

You would see stainless steel RJT hygienic union exhibiting excellent properties when applying 1MPa/10 bar of working pressure on it. On the other hand, -220F-2480F is the suitable temperature range for stainless steel RJT unions. This means that if you need a union which can withstand extreme temperature conditions, be it extremely low or high-level elevated temperatures, this union shows excellent and remarkable properties. They even resist corrosion.

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You would often see RJT union nut demanded by wide range of industries in bulk amounts. You can order it in small amounts, if needed, but let us look at why it fulfils industrial needs and standards on a large scale:

  • They offer simplicity in their installation process.
  • For the purpose of dismantling, it is perfect and well suited.

There are many other reasons, such as manufacturing of union to 4825 part 5 BS. These are some ideal advantages that it delivers.

Buy stainless steel 304 RJT Union Joint Ring for RJT connections in breweries industry

Because of the simplistic nature RJT union joint ring, it is highly accepted by industrial needs and standards, and below are some of the industries:

  • Food and beverage,
  • Biotech industries or applications,
  • Cosmetic purposes,
  • Pharmaceutical companies and,
  • Dairy applications, which need RJT (ring type joint) union.
BS 4825 RJT Unions made from 4 parts including 304 Hex Nut , 316 SS Weld Male, EN 1.4401 Pressed or Machined Liner and Hygienic Rubber Seal

For accurate and precise performance, one must be very careful by ensuring that RJT hygienic unions shows non-degraded properties. You can keep a refer to the manufacturing standards for this purpose. Other than this, below are the factors which one must check very carefully:

  • Size: Make sure that the size of BS 4825 RJT unions comes within the range of 1’’-4’’.
  • Material: check out for the composition or manufacturing methods and materials which have been used for making this union. Make sure that it meets the British standard union of BS4825.
  • Quality: this is one of the most important factors; where one must verify the testing methods for RJT union liner.
  • Standard: make sure that this product meets the British standard specifications to BS4825.