RX ring joint gasket

RX Ring Joint Gasket

What Is RX Ring Joint Gasket?

Ring type or RTJ gasket are available in various profiles for different applications. An RX ring joint gasket is one of the variations, that is pressure energized. These are slightly longer and utilize the internal pressure of the flanges to create the seal. As the internal pressure increases, so does the seal. The pressure range for these gaskets is 2000-5000 psi. The most commonly used materials for the manufacturing of these gaskets are Carbon steel, 304 and 316 stainless steel. The manufacturing of RX95 Ring Gasket (and other sizes) takes place per the API 6A and ASME B16.20 standards.

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Advantages Of RX Type Ring Joint Gaskets

There are several reasons why RX Type Ring Joint Gaskets can be advantageous for an application. These have been enumerated below.

  • The gaskets possess a characteristic self-sealing nature. These are pressure energized, and thus the sealing gets better with increasing internal pressure.
  • These gaskets can resist shock load, test pressure shock and drilling vibrations better. This makes them suitable for industries like oil drilling and crude oil refining.
  • RX Series API Ring Joint Gaskets can be used interchangeably with standard R Type gaskets. However, it must be noted that these gaskets are taller in size.

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Why Are Style RX Ring Gasket Not Used As Much As Style R?

RX Ring Gasket are simply a pressure-energized version of the standard Style R gasket. While fitting the same grooves as a Style R gasket, these provide various advantages,
The most prominent of them is the pressure-energizing effect. In any given arrangement, with increased internal pressure, the efficiency of their sealing also increases. But even then, these cannot be used as widely as Style R gaskets. And the reason for that is the higher costs of these gaskets. They are significantly more expensive than oval or octagonal RTJ gaskets, which can be a limitation.

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Disadvantages Of RTJ Rx Gasket

While RTJ gaskets and is varieties make them a suitable choice for different applications, it is not universal gasket. The same is the case with an RTJ Rx Gasket. These are great options for high-temperature and high-pressure uses. Moreover, these are pressure-energized gaskets that promise an increase in sealing efficiency with an increase in pressure. However, the major problem with RTJ Style RX Gaskets is their high costs. Since these are costlier, there are cases where their advantage is not worth the extra expense. Moreover, these gaskets are not recommended for reuse.

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Choosing the Best RX-74 Ring Gasket Material for Your Application

The choice of the ring gasket material plays a huge role in determining how effectively the sealing will be done. Therefore, the first thing to do is to consult a size chart.
It can be then determined whether an RX 35 Ring Gasket or RX-74 Ring Gasket suits the application in question.

Now, there are a variety of material options, but there isn’t “one” perfect material. You’d have to choose the best material depending on things like:

  • Maximum pressure
  • Maximum temperature
  • Nature of medium and so on

The most common choices are different standards of Stainless steel, soft iron etc as well as exotic alloys like Inconel.

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Why Are used Type RX Ring Joint Gaskets for API 6B Flanges?

RX Style ring joint gaskets are known for their effectiveness in handling high-pressure and high-temperature applications. These gaskets are designed to handle a maximum pressure of 5000 psi. And some of the applications are in the petrochemical and crude oil refining industry. The API 6B flange is also used in high-pressure applications. Its main purpose is to distribute the load on a smaller gasket area. Both are thus compatible. And this is why the manufacturing of Type RX Ring Joint Gaskets for API 6B Flanges is done.

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