S235JRG2 flange

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S235JRG2 Flange

What is a S235JRG2 Flange?

The material used to make this flange is low-carbon steel with 0.02% carbon, silicon, manganese, nickel, phosphorus, sulfur, chromium, molybdenum, and aluminum. The S235jrg2 flange has a minimum yield strength of 235MPa, a tensile strength of up to 510MPa, and good corrosion resistance.

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S235jrg2 Flange specification, chemical composition and mechanical properties

S235jrg2 Flange Specification

S235jrg2 Flange Properties

Buy S235JRG2 carbon steel flanges in classes 150 to 2500 in Dubai, and compare S235JRG2 WNRF flanges prices per kg.

What are the uses and application of S235jrg2 carbon steel flanges?

Astm s235jrg2 carbon steel flanges can withstand pressures up to 1500Lbs for the pressure class 1500#. Each pressure class has a specification for the wall thickness, diameters, and pressure capacities at different operating temperatures. The S235jrg2 carbon steel pipe flanges range from 150# to 1500#.

Carbon steel S235JRG2 blind flanges and S235JRG2 plate flanges in CL 150-2500 pressure class, check S235jrg2 plate flange weight and dimensions

Different types of surface finish of S235jrg2 WNRF flanges and their advantage

S235jrg2 wnrf flanges can have five different face finishes. The stock finish is achieved by using a 1/16 inch tool to make a continuous grooves. The smooth finish is done by tools but the tool markings are not visible on the surface. This type of finish is good for metallic gadgets to connect. The Low carbon steel s235jrg2 pipe flanges can have a spiral or concentric serrated finishes. These help non-metallic gaskets to be held in place. The cold water finish is done by water jets to polish the surface to a fine grain structure which does not require gaskets while joining.

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How are S235jrg2 plate flange made?

S235jrg2 plate flange is made by having a piece of the same material heated to near melting point temperatures and then pressing it against a die, press, or by a power hammer. This procedure takes place until the material gets into the desired shape. The forging process eliminates welded joints and makes the flanges seamless. The forging process also makes the entire flange have an even distribution of grain structure and makes all parts of the flange equally strong.

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Under which temperature range S235jrg2 blind flanges can sustain?

The material used to make the Carbon steel s235jrg2 blind flanges has a melting point of 1420° Celsius. The pressure ratings mandate different working temperature ranges. In general, the S235jrg2 blind flanges and all other flanges can operate in temperatures up to 450° Celsius.