S275jr steel pipe

S275jr steel pipe

What is an S275JR steel pipe?

The need for solid pipes and tubes is increasing worldwide for building bridges and other constructions. The demand for structural steel that fulfills the many EN or European Standards requirements is rising annually. S275JR is a non-alloy structural steel with excellent impact resistance for use in various sectors.

S275JR steel pipe made from easy weldable low carbon manganese grade steel also has copper for additional strength. S275JR Seamless Pipe has the approval of ISO 9000-2001 series and API certifications like CE, CCS, PED, UKAS, etc. EN 10025 S275JR Steel Pipe is best for low and middle-pressure fluid pipelines in pharmaceutical, fertilizer, and other industries.

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S275jr Steel Pipe Specification

S275jr Steel Pipe Properties

Difference between ASTM A36 and S275JR pipe

ASTM A 36 and S275JR pipes are both made from mild steel, used most in construction industries. It is because both having almost similar compositions also have many common properties. But there are also differences between A 36 and MS S275JR Pipe, including the following.

  • S275JR has high manganese and copper content than A36 1.50 and 0.55
  • S275JR EN 10025 Square Tube has a lower carbon content of 21-22% than the A36 carbon content of 25 – 29 %
  • The tensile and yield strength of S275JR is more than that of A36 to be the favorite in many sectors

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What is the S275JR steel tube used?

S275JR steel tubes have superior properties over pipes made of other mild steels; it is the preferred pipe for many applications. Since it can also withhold more load, many uses include the following.

  • It is ideal for use in machine building for low-loading parts like shafts, axles, and bushes.
  • It is best for many applications, from petrochemical to chemical industries, boiler to pharmaceutical and electrical industries.
  • From building bridges to railway gauges and tanks and for yellow goods, the use expands a wide range of applications.

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What is the difference between S275JR and S355 steel?

S275JR and S355 are both structural grade steel with different minimum yield strengths. If it is 275 N/mm² for S275JR to give its name of 275, the yield strength is 355 for S355 steel. It is because of the difference in the chemical composition, as S355 has less carbon of 0.20% compared to 0.25% in S275JR.

  • S355 has the same manganese content of 1.6% as S275JR, and it has more silicon 0.55%, sulfur 0.25%, and phosphorous 0.25% than 0.5,005, 0.04% of S275JR.
  • S275JR, though with lower yield strength than S355, has high weldability and is used in many applications
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What does JR mean in the 275JR box section?

S275JR Box Section is a low-carbon structural steel with easy weldability to pipes and tubes for many applications across several sectors. En S275JR Circular Hollow Section is a European normalization with S meaning structural steel, and 275 is the minimum yield strength.

JR of the En 10025-2 S275JR RHS indicates that the material used to manufacture the pipes has undergone a longitudinal Charpy V notch. Performing it on S275JR Grade En 10025 Rectangular Hollow Section gives it an impact rate of 27 j or joules at a temperature around 20 C or 68 F.

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Is the S275JR hollow section material mild steel?

Yes. S275JR hollow section material is low-carbon mild steel with less than 0.20 carbon content. But it has a minimum yield strength of 275 MPa to get its name and has high weldability and machinability to be helpful more than other mild steels.

For over three decades, S275JR mild steel has been helpful in several industries and was introduced by the European Committee for Iron and Steel Standardization in 1990 to supersede BS 4360 43A steel with higher yield strength. Hence S275JR is a mild steel material suitable for applications in construction, engineering, and other sectors.