S355j2g3 pipe

S355j2g3 pipe

What is an S355J2G3 pipe?

When applications needed better mechanical properties than S275 and S235 steel grades, S355JG3 helped as it is an unalloyed structural steel. It is because of its rare chemical composition with 0.22% carbon, 0.55% silicon, 1.6% of manganese, and 0.35% of sulfur and phosphorous. The 355 of the S355J2G3 steel represents its minimum yield strength of 355 MPa, having outstanding strength and weldability.

S355J2G3 pipe made from low carbon structural steel grade is best for applications in the construction and engineering industries. S355J2G3 Seamless steel pipe helps build strong bridges, railway wagons, and others.

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S355j2g3 Pipe Properties

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Is EN 10025 grade S355JG3 pipe stainless steel?

EN10025 grade S355JG3 pipe, made of nonalloy steel used for structural applications, has less chromium. Hence it is not rust-proof as stainless steel and, when exposed to harsh environments, may corrode. Since stainless steel is rust-proof, EN 10025 S355J2F3 Structural Steel Pipe may not be one.

But EN 10025 Grade S355J2G3 Carbon Steel seamless pipes with chrome or another chemical resistance coating can become stainless steel with high corrosion resistance.
The EN 10025 S355j2g3 Structural Steel Pipe made from carbon-manganese high-yield material is best for hydraulic and pump shafts applications.

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What is the difference between S355JG3 and S355J2 N?

There is little difference between S355JG3 and S355J2 N regarding chemical composition, yield, or tensile strength. Both have low carbon of 0.22%, 1.6% manganese, and less than percent of silicon, phosphorous, and sulfur.

S355J2 N and EN 10025 S355J2G3 Seamless Pipe have normalized supply conditions after the Charpy impact test at -20C. It is why the letter N is in the S355J2 nonalloy steel. G3 is the deoxidation measure of the S355J2G3 Seamless Steel Pipe for use in many applications across various sectors.

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What is J2 in S355JG3 steel pipe?

Joule measures energy, and S355JG3 steel pipe measures the impact energy value for lines below 16 mm. There are many impact energy values or J values for low-value carbon nonalloy, including the following, among others.

  • J2 is the impact energy value of 27 j at -20 C or -68 F
  • JR is the same 27 j value at room temperature or 20 C or 68 F
  • J0 denotes the impact energy value of at least 27J at 0 C
  • K2 mentions the impact value of 40 J at -20 C or -68 F
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S355JG3 vs S355J2

S355JG3 and S355J2 are both low-carbon manganese alloy that makes many pipes with a high yield strength of 355. Though the two have many common properties and uses, there are a few differences, as the name suggests. The S in both is an abbreviation for structural steel, and 355 is the yield strength. J is the joule measurement of impact energy value, and G3 is the symbol for the deoxidation measure in S355JG3.

The J in S355JG3 denotes the broader joule measurement of the impact energy value. But in S355J2, it is the measure of the impact energy value of 27J at -20 C or 68 F. Other than this there is little difference between the two.

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Where is EN 10025 S355JG3 pipe used?

EN 10025 S355JG3 pipes are helpful in many industries, from oil & gas, petroleum, chemical, food production, and others. Since S355JG3 is nonalloy with 1.6 % manganese and less than 1% sulfur, phosphorous, silicon, and carbon, it has many properties. It is available in many sizes and shapes at affordable costs.

EN 10025 S355J2G3 steel’s high yield strength, weldability, and machinability make it best for building machines and others. As a nonalloy structural steel, it is best for applications like building offshore structures, power plants, palm oil equipment, etc.