S355j2w plate

s355j2w plate

What is s355j2w plate ?

The s355j2w is a medium carbon weathering steel grade. An s355j2w plate is designed with a chemical content of nickel, chromium, silicon, manganese, copper, sulfur, carbon, and phosphorous. The plates have good impact resistance and corrosion resistance properties. The s355j2w steel plate is intended for load bearing and heavy structures due to its excellent impact strength. These plates are suitable for low and high temperature environments.

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S355j2w Plate Specification

S355j2w Plate Properties

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S355j2w+n vs s355j2+n

The s355j2w+n steel plate is an atmospheric corrosion resistant weather resistant steel grade. The s355j2w+n steel plate is an unalloyed construction steel grade. It becomes weather resistant when alloyed with copper. The s355j2w n plate also have a higher carbon content that increases its strength compared to the s355j2+n grade.


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What are properties of s355j2w steel plate ?

The s335j2w is a weather resistant structural steel that has excellent corrosion resistance. These plates have enhanced tolerance to pitting, crevice corrosion, allowing it to be used in several critical applications. The en 10025 s355j2w plate has higher creep and stress rupture strength in different conditions. They also showcase excellent mechanical performance in different applications.


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How is machinability of en 10025 s355j2w plate ?

The en 10025 s355j2w plate has good machinability similar to that of mild steel grades.


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S355j2w+n steel plate is equivalent to which material ?

The din 1.8963 plate equivalent grade is din wtst 52-3, cor-ten b, jis sma50cp, bs wr50c, and afnor e36 wb 4.


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Why is the s355j2w plate known as the weathering steel plate ?

The s355j2w is a grade that has a protective covering on them. This covering on the s355j2w weathering steel plate protects them against corrosive affluents. The coating corrodes and protects the interior plate from corroding even after prolonged exposure. This is an important quality of a weathering steel s355j2w n plate