S355jo plate

s355jo plate

What is s355jo plate ?

The s355jo plate is a structural steel medium tensile grade. An s355jo plate is designed with a chemical composition of manganese, silicon, phosphorous, sulfur, nickel, copper, and carbon equivalent. The superior content gives the s355jo steel plate excellent resistance to corrosive affluents and harsh environments. The plates have good strength and excellent ductility with superior machinability.

The s355jo structural steel plate has outstanding mechanical properties. These plates have a tensile strength between 490 to 630mpa with a yield strength between 315 to 355mpa. They can be elongated by 22% and have charpy notch toughness of 27 joules at -20 degrees c.

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S355jo Plate Specification

S355jo Plate Properties

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S355jo vs s355jr

The s355 jo and s355jr are structural steel grade specifications, and both have similar mechanical and chemical properties. The major difference is that the s355jr has higher carbon content when compared to the en 10025-2 s355jo steel plate.


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What are the uses of s355jo steel plate?

The s355jo is a structural steel wear resistant grade. An en 10025 s355jo steel plate is used in boiler equipment, chemical processing, hospital instruments, the petrochemical industry, automobile sectors, etc. The structural steel en10025 s355jo plate is also employed in nuclear reactors, power generation plants, shipbuilding, lifting equipment, and so on.


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How are s355jo structural steel plate manufactured?

Raw iron is the primary ingredient to create structural steel. The plates can be heated by adding specific ingredients, such as carbon, nickel copper, etc. The first process begins by crushing the ore and loading it in a blast furnace. This process helps collect pure iron at the bottom of the furnace, eliminating any impurities. The molten iron is then heated to add additional additives. It is then conferred into different shapes to make a reliable en s355jo hsla steel plate.


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How can I find out en 10025 s355jo steel plate weight ?

The en 10025-2 s355jo plate weight can be calculated using the weight calculator. The weight can also be calculated with the formula length x thickness x density x width.


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How do I bend s355 jo steel plate ?

The s355 jo plate can be bent using a force on the metal. The s355 jo steel plate is generally bent, following a 3-roll bend, compression bend, rotatory draw bend, press bent, etc.