S355jow plate

s355jow plate

What is s355jow plate ?

The s355jow is a low carbon weathering steel grade. An s355jow steel plate is designed with a chemical content of carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorous, sulfur, nickel, chromium, and copper. These plates have good resistance to corrosive media and work in oxidative conditions. The s355jow plate has good impact tolerance and a protective covering that protects them against oxidation.

The versatile en 10025 s355jow plate requires lower maintenance and has a long service life. The plates don’t require any external coating and painting to protect them. The s355 jow sheet is used in typical applications like bridges, rail, architectural applications, offshore industries, etc.

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S355jow Plate Specification

S355jow Plate Properties

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S355jow vs a606

The a606 grade is a high strength low alloy steel specification. An s355jow corten steel plate is a medium tensile weathering steel grade. The a606 grade has better mechanical properties than the standard s355jow grade.


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What is s355 jow Sheet supply condition ?

The s355jow plate can be supplied in either normalized or untreated conditions.


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Is s355jow plate is rust ?

The s355jow plate is a plate designed with excellent corrosion resistance properties. The weather resistant corten steel en 10025 s355jow plate has a protective coat on the surface of the plate. This helps protect it against rusting for prolonged periods.


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What are best origin of s355jow steel plate ?

The best origin of the s355jow steel grade is in india, japan, and uae. This is due to the quality process and raw material used in producing the s355 jow sheet in these countries.


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What is the packaging process of en 10025 s355jow plate before transportation?

The process of packing the corten steel s355jow plate is important to deliver the product safely. The din 1.8959 plate is packed generally in wooden boxes and then covered with material to hold them in place. This allows the s355jow plate to be efficiently transported and supplied to consumers.