S355jr pipe

S355jr pipe

What is an S355JR pipe?

One of the most used Charpy designations of the S355 steel is S355JR. The JR establishes that the non-alloy structural steel has undergone Charpy V-Notch longitudinal impact tests at room temperature. It is a European standard for hot-rolled structural steel to make high pipes and tubes with a minimum yield strength of 355 MPa.

S355JR pipes are best for engineering and construction applications requiring little responsibility. It includes building bridges, ships, railway wagons, trailers, cranes, dump trucks, etc. Top suppliers offer various treatments and many test options in multiple sizes and thicknesses, and it is best for applications that require high tensile strength of 470 to 630 MPa.

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S355jr Pipe Specification

S355jr Pipe Properties

S355JR vs. mild steel

S355JR has many qualities of mild steel, like low carbon content, not having chromium and other elements, and have iron mostly. Because of the low carbon content of less than 0.25%, both are easy to weld and machine.

But there are also many other differences, including the following among others. S355JR is one of the many mild steel types available with a specific composition of carbon, silicon, phosphorous, and sulfur.

The minimum yield strength of S355JR steel pipe is 355 MPa which could vary for many other mild steel types for use in different applications.

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Does S355JR seamless steel pipe rust?

Though the S355JR seamless steel pipe has high corrosion resistance, it may rust when exposed to extreme conditions. The corrosion resistance of S355JR seamless pipe depends on many factors like the temperature, medium passing through it, and others. And the anti-corrosion quality of the steel S355JR pipe increases with a decrease in temperature.

1.0045 steel pipe made from non-alloy structural steel. Since it has 98 to 99% iron, it is vulnerable to rust. But with low carbon and chrome coating, the rusting gets minimized in the pipes and tubes. Hence it is useful in many applications in several sectors.

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Difference between S355JR and S275JR

The difference between S355JR and S275JR steel pipes is clear from their names themselves. The 355 and 275 denote the minimum yield strength measured in MPa of the two structural mild steel non-alloys. And it specifies that S355JR is more robust than S275JR for more applications.

The high yield strength of S355JR is because of its low carbon content than S275JR and more silicon, sulfur, and phosphorous. The tensile strength is also elevated for S355JR with 45 to 630 MPa compared to the S275JR with only 380 to 540 MPa. Hence the uses of the two structural steel types also vary as per the strength needs.

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S355JR vs S355J2?

S355JR and S355J2 comply with the BS EN 10025-2 specifications for hot-rolled structural non-alloy steel grade. Both are different Charpy designations of the most used structural grade S355 steel.

Steel grade S355JR pipe has been subjected to Charpy V-Notch longitudinal impact tests at 27 joules or ā€œJā€ at room temperature. But S355J2 is another Charpy designation with the same longitudinal impact test at 27J at minus 20 degrees C, or 68 F. Hence S355JR adapts better at room temperature applications, whereas S355J2 is best for low temperature.

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Can EN10210 s355jr carbon steel pipe be welded?

Yes. EN10210 S355JR Carbon Steel Pipe with low carbon is easy to weld. It is because of its rare composition of manganese 1.6%, copper 0.55%, and silicon 0.35%. It makes EN 10210 pipes to be less hard for welding easily.

S355JR having more silicon, a deoxidizing element, makes it killed steel for easy weldability. With silicon, its solidification does not form CO or carbon monoxide. Also, it has castings and ingots with a homogenous structure with no gas porosity or blowholes. Hence welding S3555JR to high-quality pipes and tubes is best for many applications across various sectors.