SA 178 grade a boiler tube

SA 178 grade a boiler tube

What is sa 178 grade a boiler tube?

Electric resistance welded pipes, often known as ERW SA178 Pipes, are covered by the ASTM A178 criteria. This Sa 178 grade a boiler tube is created with a minimal wall width using carbon steel metals and carbon-manganese steel alloy, according to ASTM specifications.
These boiler tubes are made of carbon steel as per Astm a178 grade a boiler tubes are intended for superheater vents, boiler pipes, boiler vents, and safety ends. Although the standard covers a variety of alloy categories in terms of grading, low-carbon steel is used to make the SA 178 Gr A Pipes.
Despite being soft, this Sa178a gr a boiler tube with low carbon content is renowned for having exceptional flexibility and hardness qualities.

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SA178 grade a dimensions, and specification

SA 178 Grade A Boiler Tube Specification

SA 178 Grade A Boiler Tube Properties

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What is p number of sa178a gr a boiler tube?

P1 material designation for A178 A ERW carbon steel boiler tube. By using this value to group related Base alloys, it is possible to qualify the entire selection instead of only one. Based on the type of material they are, ASTM A178 Grade A Boiler Pipes are categorized and given P1 Numbers.
Due to their comparable weldability & mechanical properties, these substances can be classed together. A base alloy mentioned in a separate ASME material standard with the identical UNS number shall be regarded as that P-Number when a base alloy with a UNS number Classification is given a P-Number. An engineering evaluation is required before changing the materials.

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Astm a178 grade a vs c tube

The carbon content of SA178 A boiler tubing is lower than that of SA178 C boiler tubing. Additionally, grade A pipe contains less manganese.
As compared to ASTM A178 C tubing, ASTM A178 Grade A tubing has a lower tensile strength. Both grades’ yield strengths and hardness varied as well. SA 178 Gr A boiler tubes have a lower yield strength and harder surface than SA 178 Gr C boiler tubes. Their applications have also changed as a result of all these modifications. Grade A pipes have the UNS number K01200, whereas grade C pipes have the UNS number K03503.

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What is minimum wall thickness of sa178a boiler tubing?

SA178A boiler tubing wall thicknesses & sizes typically fall within the range of 1/2 to 5 inches. [12.7 to 127 mm] in length & [0.035 to 0.360 inches] in width. The minimum wall thickness is [0.9 to 9.1 millimeters], included.
These ASTM standard SA178 grade A seamless tubes are built from carbon metal alloys, including carbon-manganese steel with a minimal wall thickness. Because of its characteristics, this pipe can be used in many different applications. Whenever rust or degradation mechanisms are engaged, SA178 Grade A Pipe offers a safety margin from unexpected loads and a longer survival duration.

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How heat treatment is performed on sa178 grade a tube?

Following welding, ASTM SA178 gr. A pipe must be heat treated at a minimum heat of 1650°F (900°C) before being cooled in the open air or a controlled environment boiler. Just after the last cold-draw cycle, cold-drawn pipes must be heat treated at 1200° [650°C] or more significant.
There could be a significant change in the structural and nano-size deposition attributes (quantity, kind, and dimensions) after thermal treatment for SA178a Tube. This change may have a significant impact on the alloy’s ability to withstand corrosion. By strengthening the material, heat treatment can increase wear resistance.

According to specifications sa178a welded boiler tubes is offered in Sch-40, Sch-5, Sch-80, Sch-60, Sch-10, and std by stocking distributors, see purpose of sa178 grade a pipe

What is purpose of astm a178 grade a tubing?

The most essential technical purposes as well as particular automotive industries, specifically call for the usage of ASTM A178 A tubes. In particular, among many other goods with additional value, there is metal for Gas cylinders, API rating, a corrosion-resistant alloy of steel, important structural purpose metal, boiler excellence, auto-grading, precise pipes, & lower carbon grades.
Such tubes are used in various industries, including petroleum refining, chemical plants, power stations (thermal and nuclear), steelworks, sugarcane refineries, compressed gases, boilers apparatus, and general engineering. Such pipes are favored by the majority of people due to their resistance to corrosion.