SA 210 grade c boiler tube

SA 210 grade c boiler tube

What is SA 210-grade c boiler tube?

Seamless moderate carbon steel Pipes SA210C are utilized in hydraulic systems, superheaters, cooling systems, compressors, marine purposes, distilleries, paper production, and other engineering disciplines. The SA 210 Grade C Boiler Tube has a maximum amount of carbon of 0.35% and a manganese concentration ranging from 0.29 to 1.06%. Additionally, it is utilized in steam, petroleum, and coal power plants.
ASME SA210C Boiler Tube must be heat-killed and is available in HF (hot finishing) and CD (cold drew) forms. ASTM A210 Gr C Tubing is a P1 Alloy with a peak hardness of around 89 HRB (Rockwell B). This standard applies to boiler & superheater pipes made of seamless carbon-molybdenum superalloys.

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SA 210 gr c material composition, equivalent and specification

SA 210 Grade C Boiler Tube Specification

SA 210 Grade C Boiler Tube Properties

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ASME SA210 C boiler tube price comparison in India and China

When comparing China to India, the price of the SA210C Seamless Medium Carbon Steel Boiler Tube is significantly greater. This price discrepancy in ASME SA 210 Grade C Carbon Steel Seamless tube is there for several reasons. Below is a list of some of them:

  • Raw materials are more expensive in one location than the other.
  • For both locations, the labour charge varies.
  • Different fees apply to maintenance.
  • There are differences between the two countries’ investments in quality assurance and control.
  • China spends a lot more money on industrial stabilization than India does.
  • Each country has its own unique tax system.

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What are the properties of ASTM a210 grade C boiler tube?

The different characteristics of ASTM A210 Gr C Tubing make them ideal for usage in a variety of applications across a range of industries. Heat exchanger tube made to ASTM A210 gr. C has a tensile strength of approximately 485 MPa and 70 ksi. Similar to this, the yield strength of ASME SA210 GR. C Seamless tube is around 40 ksi and 275 MPa.
They have excellent hardness. The maximum Rockwell B hardness is 89 HBR, and the maximum Brinell hardness is 179 HB. The mechanism of these piping is strong, incredibly easy to use, non-obstructive, auto-cleaned, upkeep, & energy-saving.

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What are permissible variations of ASTM a210 gr c tubing?

Before having to bend, ASTM A210 gr. C Heat Exchanger tube are subject to the permitted dimension variations. For example, variations in tube wall thickness (in mm), tube outer diameter (in mm), and tube length (in mm) can all be allowed under certain conditions.
Applying to cut length up from & including 24 ft [7.3 m], ASTM A210 gr C boiler tube. The foregoing excessive must be adjusted for lengths longer than 24 feet [7.3 m] by 18 inches. [3 mm] for each and every 10 feet [3 m] or a percentage thereof above 24 ft or by 12 in. [13 mm], whatever is less.

Types of SA 210 grade c boiler tube

ASME sa210c boiler tube

ASME sa210c boiler tube

ASTM a210 grade c boiler tube

ASTM a210 grade c boiler tube

ASTM a210 gr c tubing

ASTM a210 gr c tubing

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What is the delivery process of sa-210-c boiler tube?

The ASME SA210 GR. C Seamless tube are typically wrapped in bunches with a polygonal cross-section & secured with a steel ring that is backed by paper. A rubber sheet has been used to enclose the parcel. The SA 210 C Medium Carbon Steel tube can be delivered in wooden cartons as per request.

  • conventional methods bundle with a wire tie.
  • A steel band was used to bind the package.
  • Tapaten underlining steel tape

For businesses to draw in customers and reap rewards, the shipping and packaging process is very important. The merchandise must arrive on the scheduled delivery date in a sealed package.

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Why use ASME SA 210 grade C carbon steel seamless tube?

The use of ASME SA210 Grade C Seamless tube is appropriate for apparatus used in heating processes. The reason why engineers prefer such pipes is due to their durability. For businesses including agriculture, industry, petroleum and natural gas that demand dependable and tough efficiency, such tube offer great performance.
They specifically are employed in the construction of heating systems. It has the ability to withstand extreme heat without deforming.
The primary category of such pipes is a C grade. At the pressure used to its highest tensile & yield strength, it elongates below 30%. It possesses the ability to withstand extreme heat without deforming. It is entirely built to function in challenging circumstances.