SA 213 t12 tube

SA 213 t12 tube

What is the SA 213 t12 tube?

A combination of carbon and iron called ASME SA213 T12 Pipe has additional metal alloys introduced to it to enhance certain material qualities including strength, high-temperature tolerance, and oxidizing or corrosion tolerance.
Within the boiler, ASTM A213 Grade T12 Boiler Tube is fitted to heat the water and produce steam. SA 213 T12 Tube is utilized in the installation of boilers as it is widely accessible and affordable. They are easy to mould & weld into the necessary design inside reasonable bounds, and oxidizing & rust tolerant sufficient to offer a long-lasting function.
The two primary types of enclosed pressure vessel ASTM A213 T12 Tube are the water tube boiler and the fire tube boiler.

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SA 213 T12 material specification

SA 213 T12 Tube Specification

SA 213 T12 Tube Properties

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Astm a213 grade t12 vs t23

The ASTM A213 Grade T12 Alloy Steel Seamless Tube has a tensile strength of 415 MPa whereas the grade t23 has a tensile strength of 510 MPa. The ASTM A213 Grade T12 Tube has a yield strength of 220 MPa while grade T23 has a yield strength of 400 MPa.
The elongation percentage of grade T12 tubes is 30 %, but for grade T23 tubes the elongation percentage is 20 %. The rockwell hardness for both grades is different. The max hardness for grade T12 is 85 HRB (Brinell 163 HBW) but for max hardness for the grade, T23 is 97 HRB (Brinell 220 HBW).

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What are the standards of ASTM a213 grade t12 boiler tube?

There are numerous more grades of pipes that meet Asme Sa213 T12 Tube specifications. Due to the scale’s weaker heat capacity than the pipe material, its presence in this kind of alloy reduces the pace at which heat is transmitted from exhaust gases to steaming in the flow tube.
High-Pressure ASTM A213 Grade T12 Boiler Tube and Extended Length ASTM A213 T12 Alloy Steel Seamless Tube are both accessible in the hot rolled form up to 22.5m. These tubes can be offered with close dimension & wall width tolerances as well as texture specifications.
Cold-drawn pipe is offered at tight tolerances, up to 25m, in both conventional and non-standard sizes, or with regulated interior dimensions.

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What is the heat treatment method of the ASTM a213 t12 tube?

This SA213 Grade T12 Seamless Alloy Tube can sometimes be heat treated using normalizing and tempering, complete or isothermal processing, or both. For traditional welding techniques, preheating is not necessary. However, for oxy-acetylene as well as submerged arc welding, all substances must be preheated & thermal treated after the welding.
In order to maintain the flexibility of the A213 T12 Tubing, the heating temps shouldn’t go above 650 ° C. The substance’s strong impact durability and corrosion resistance come from the molybdenum component.
The ASTM A213 T12 steel Tube has a greater tolerance for temperature and rust because of its chemical makeup.

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What is the application method of ASTM a213 grade t12 tube?

Heating systems, compressors, and heat exchangers use ASTM A213 T12 Alloy Steel Tube, which is a boiler-grade pipe utilized in the petroleum and natural gas, electrical generation, and heating industries.
When it comes to steam superheaters, reheaters, as well as other heat transfer pipes, headers, and main steam pipelines with operating heat, not beyond 550 °C, including such 300MW and 600MW, ASTM A213 T12 tubing is comparable to 15CrMoG metal pipes in gb5310.
Numerous applications in the fields of energy, oil and gas, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, and flue gas can benefit from the use of austenitic stainless steel welded T12 tubes.

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When ordering A213 t12 tubing, always keep the following in mind.

The pipe must adhere to API, ASTM, and ASME standards. They have enough room to store these pipes in a safe environment. The store owner must have a fundamental understanding of the pipe they sell. Identify the legitimacy of your manufacturer or supplier.
For the SA213 grade T12 alloy steel pipe, the packaging is crucial. They should use a variety of packing techniques based on the requirements of the client and the product’s specific characteristics. The form of the packaging used is based on the requirements of the client as stated in the purchase order.