SA 213 t22 tube

SA 213 t22 tube

What is the SA 213 t22 tube?

Ferritic & austenitic steel type T22 is accessible. Cr, C, K, moly, sulphur, and Si make up the ASTM A213 T22 Seamless Tube chemical makeup. Strong corrosion & oxidation resistance features are built into the construction of these pipes.
Excellent durability and mechanical qualities are built into the SA 213 T22 Tube. They have a 414 MPa minimum tensile strength and a 207 MPa minimum yield strength. It is simple to lengthen UNS K21590 Boiler Tube by 30%.
The tube is made to be as hard as possible, up to 85 rockwell. Such tubes seem to be very low maintenance and very long-lasting.

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SA 213 T22 material specification

SA 213 T22 Tube Specification

SA 213 T22 Tube Properties

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ASTM A213 t22 vs t91

For the SA213 T22 material, the UNS designation is K21590, while for the SA213 T91 material, it is K90901.
When compared to ASME SA213 T91 seamless tube, ASME SA213 T22 seamless tubing contains a little bit more phosphorus or sulphur. In comparison to the ASTM A213 Gr IBR tube, the ASTM A213 Gr T22 IBR tube contains less chromium and molybdenum.
In comparison to tube 91, tube T22 has lower tensile strength, yield strength, and hardness. Compared to grade t91, grade t22 tubing has a higher elongation percentage. Furthermore, grade T91 pipes contain other elements like tungsten, niobium, and nitrogen in tracer amounts that are not present in grade T22 pipes.

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What is the p number of the ASTM a213 t22 seamless tube?

The P number for the SA213 T22 material is P5A. The T22 Tube Material exhibits a high tensile strength while also being formed into a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy various project needs. The SA 213 T22 Heat Exchanger Tube is built with 60 ksi strength properties and a 30 ksi elastic modulus.
The T22 Tube alloy’s superior corrosion tolerance, increased tolerance to heat, and strain capabilities are all a result of this composition. Numerous nominal diameters of 60 inches and greater are available for situations with special needs.
A device that aids in transforming high-pressure steam & moist steam into dry hot steam is the adaptable SA213 T22 Superheater Tubes.

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Where uns the k21590 boiler tube used?

Heating systems, compressed gases, and superheater components are the main applications for A213 T22 Hot Finished Tubes. The SA gr. 213 T22 Pipe is frequently used in petroleum products, refinery, paper pulping, maritime, civil construction, and refinery.
Various uses for ferritic low alloy steel SA 213 T22 round tube are;

  • Spacecraft jet engines
  • rotating blades
  • Small Bore Heat Exchanger Pipes Made of Ferritic Low metal Steel gr SA 213 T22
  • IBR-approved NACE-MRO 175 Sour Maintenance Usage for UNS K21590 T22 water Pipe Steam Boilers
  • Compressed gasses and extreme heat are acceptable for A213 T22 bent boiler tubing.
  • Finned Pipes for Nuclear Reactors in accordance with ASTM A213
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What does mean by term ga randoms in sa213 t22 material?

Piping lengths are typically delivered as, rather than being precisely cut to length, at the manufacturer.

  • The length of a single random tube is approximately 5-7 meters.
  • The double random pipe length is between 11 and 13 meters long.

Although there are both shorter & longer lengths accessible, it is advisable to utilize these conventional dimensions for calculations. The cost of other variants is higher.
The randomized inspection of components and materials is mandated by the code to verify compliance with the prescribed standards and specifications. As mentioned, simple random sample lengths should fall primarily within 16 and 22 feet, with no more than 5 percentage points of the overall falling within 12 and 16 feet.

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GA randoms vs LA randoms

The terms “GA randoms” & “LA randoms” refer to the SA210A1 / ASTM A210 Gr A1 Boiler Pipe Random Lengths Georgia Inventory and the Louisiana Inventory, respectively.
Negotiations may be made for lengths greater than a XS having wall width longer than a single random. Steel pipe is often supplied in single-random as well as double randoms with each length averaging 20 and 40 feet, respectively, and each double-random length ranging from 37-1/2 to 42-1/2 feet. Each single-random length falls between 17-1/2 & 22-1/2 feet.